Save Big On Red, White & Blue!

Now through Sunday, July 7th 2019 your Pirate can save up to 50% OFF select red, white, and blue themed items in the Crown Shop. Plus, we're bringing back the Soaring Eagle Mount for a limited time!

The red, white and blue sale includes the following mounts, companions, pets and teleporters:

  • Solar Saber Mount (Permanent)
  • Rollerblades Mount (Permanent)
  • Gryphon Mount (Permanent)
  • Seraph Wings Mount (Permanent)
  • Blue Fairy Wings Mount (Permanent)
  • Pygmy Grey Whale Mount (Permanent)
  • Lurching Lobster Mount (Permanent)
  • Buccaneer's Crystal Unicorn (Permanent)
  • Astral Unicorn Mount (Permanent)
  • Zang Cha Companion*
  • Moresco de Valvida Companion*
  • Ebon Spectre Pet
  • Majestic Ibis Pet
  • Mountain Yeti
  • Stormtiger Shark Pet
  • Red Teleporter
  • Blue Teleporter
  • White Teleporter

Hurry, this patriotic sale won't last long!

* Some sale companions are unlocked during gameplay.