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Apr 01, 2009
Is there any way to delete or get rid of companions you don't want?

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coming on Jan 10, 2013 wrote:
Is there any way to delete or get rid of companions you don't want?
No. The only way you can guarantee they won't show up in battle is to let them die in combat and not revive them.

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Jan 05, 2010
Well thats not really a solution, when someone else dies that you want to revive everyone gets revived at a life fountain. Best solution is manage your companions page keep the companions you dont want in battle on the bottoms of your list as they will rarely ever show up in battle. The more companions you have also lowers the odds a companion on the bottom of your list showing up.

Careless Chris Eastwick
Level 50 musketeer

Sep 08, 2008

Back in the alpha, that is how I have done it. I let my companions die, and simply did not revive them.

However, when other companions die that you do not want to die, you have absolutely no way around to not reviving your companions you want to stay out of commision.

It all ends up becoming a big hassle.

Then again, back in Alpha, there was no such thing as buying training tomes. Once your points were spent, they were gone for good, and you only had a limited amount of them. So, a mistake back then was irreversible, and I made the biggest mistake of all. Dump all my points into my first mate only, while Bonnie Anne was still at level 3, and others not much higher than that.

Oct 10, 2012
wat if in test realm u can trade companions with ur other players, then u could get rid of the ones ur higher
players doesn't need and give it to the lower players who really need it.

Dec 22, 2012
I think if you do not have companions then you will lose most dungeons and battles. If Pirate101 said you can you do not have to use companions i think there would be lots of bad reports. In Wizared101 you have pets but they do not help that much.I think it was smart of Kingsiles to add pets to fight and companions. Though they could of had Bonnie Ann be for muskeeters only. Then a defernt companions for other schools. Also in Valencia they could of had the people at the acadamey dreesed as armada. Steed armada, and what up with the blue windstone do you us it to get to cool ranch? I have not been there but my friends has so i tele ported to him and saw it. Opps I went off topic! So if you dont want me to keep talking about why i think about companions, you might want to go. I think it was a smart idea that you get a monkey companions. i think that some people get gortez witch i think is unfair. Gortez rocks.

Loyal Taylor Freeman
Lvl 15 Buccaneer

Nov 28, 2012
they do only if you beat him 25 times an by the way swash bucklers get a lot of cool companions like the horse that his normally atack is 150 and is level 25 and plus el toro witch every boy gets its awesome to be that class but i like the powers of spell casters