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Quest finder,and weapons desplay

Aug 19, 2013
As many of my fellow pirates have mentioned it seems we are also so for behind wizards, it's not even funny. I feel a simple add to pirates that has long been in wizards would be to have a quest finder. Now obviously there are no where the amount of quests in pirates compared to wizards, but it's been easier to level up in pirates. After my first pirate I passed up a lot of the side quest so I wouldn't max out before the last would. Now though it would be nice to find those lost side quest for something to keep my crew busy and sharp.
The second would be to be able to display weapons on the wall like wands id wizards. There are so many wonderful weapons that we've all farmed for, but don't use anymore. While we can stich weapons it would be so much nicer to be able to display our trophies of conquest.
After waiting three years, only to be give a short part two with what really feels like ki bringing pirates to an end, it been nice to see them give pirates the same small curtsies as wizards. This game family is very loyal and devoirs any new part to the game like the hungry blood thirsty pirates that we are.
hope this can happen.
p.s. we're pirates and we don't get to fish, what's up with that.