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Really Really Core Questions!

May 04, 2012
So here's the deal, we are getting book XV, and i've went to the test realm and it was nice and all but there are some more questioning about the lore.

1st - There are still tons of stormgates and skyways not accessed yet, so are we going to go there?
And also the one in Calambria Skyway: Stormgate to Polarisé

2nd - Ambassadors got my attention in Florenza, there was grizzleheim's ambassador.

So maybe Polaris (Penguinia) and GrizzleHeim are the next worlds?

I think Dragonspyre (Avernus), Rajah (Marleybone) and Celestia/Azteca (Skull Island) should be side worlds.

Mirage should be only for wizard101, and krokotopia should come as a main world!