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Setting Things Right

Sep 07, 2011
Is this quest really working as intended? I understand that there are quests that you can expect to die on but this one beats anything I've encountered so far. I am a bucaneer and when I'm given 3 strong companions to fight 5 shooters there's no way. Combine this type of battle with a terrible drop rate and count on death and frustration. I'll keep at it but I sure hope y'all will have a look at it.


Level 16 Bucaneer

Dec 24, 2010
I am experiencing the exact same thing as a level 17 buccaneer. I can't board them because they take me out easily (I'm having hardly any trouble with other fights) and I can't take them out with my ship because they do 120-ish damage while healing, and just as I think "Oh good, I'm about to win," they heal back up again.

I've managed to kill 15-ish of them so far by picking on the level 16 ships and I still haven't found the location for my quest. It would at least be nice to know how many I have to defeat.

Jul 19, 2010
I am wondering the same thing however i cannot get back onto the ship once I have died. I can port back into the hidden valley ranch but not back onto the ship. Do i have to do the whole dungeon over?