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Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2009
Hey KI,

I appreciate all your hard work out there. Will you by any chance be adding stitching soon? Because seriously, alot the max level no auction clothes (especially privateer outfits ) are just not very attractive. (Like the bronze mask???) I have many of them but they are just so unattractive. And when you do (If you do) Will people be able to stitch for Gold and Crowns? Or Just Crowns like in W101.'

Angel Xiriga

Mar 07, 2009
Now that is a good idea. i hope that it does come available

Jul 19, 2010
I wish they would put stitching in as well!! all my characters look so crazy with thier outfits..i just want to dress them all lol...some of the hats from the new pack are just horrible! i wont be wearing them until i can stitch them!!!