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The single most useless talent in the game

May 06, 2009
This whole conversation isn't really my cup of tea as I don't have a heart to call something "worthless" or "useless" as I could say the same this for Musketeers since their only good moves are Burst Fire and Double Tap.

Having said that, I disagree with the majority of the comments on this post. I find that all Talents have their uses, disadvantages and advantages.Yes, I know and I've seen it. Musketeers are the Gods of Accuracy. Dodging and Blocking them is almost non-existant. However, there are those off chances that this may happen, and I'm happy that Kinsisle was nice enough to include that.

I mean just look at them all: Double Tab = Bladestorm, Return Fire = Riposte, Burst Fire = Relentless, CrossFire = Flanking, Quick Adjust = Second Chance, True Grit = Vengeance Strike, Parting Shot = Cheap Shot, Overwatch = Repel Boaders, Quick Draw = First Strike. There all just ranged versions of the more prefer (IMO!) Melee talents, however, these are all moves FOR Musketeers and cover any possible moment in battle whether or not it is more than likely to happen. I think most of you know that and over look it. If all you had was like the first 3 I mentioned, and Melee players got the whole barrel, wouldn't you kinda feel like Musketeers got the short end of the stick while Swashbucklers and Buccaneers are killing it in battle with all their Talents?

Return Fire isn't useless IMO. It's just less likely to be used. That doesn't make it uselss. Useless is where there is NO possible way anything can be used in any senario (like a class that can't do damage. Period) To be honest I don't have a least favorite Talent or a favorite. I think they all have there place. You just need to find the right moments. ...and bring up your dodge if possible lol. Maybe the reason why Musketeers have such amazing accuracy is because they have awful dodge which is why Return Fire doesn't work as much. Dodge offsets Accuracy so more dodge = less accuracy and vise versa.