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Tricky Vinny (For Swashbucklers, right?)

Feb 07, 2010
Question, when do I get Tricky Vinny? If at the Presidio, how come I didn't get him all this time from Jonah Town to Cool Ranch? If not, where else can I get him?

Apr 28, 2012
I have noticed that the way we answer the questions when we first become a Pirate affects the type, number and actual Companions that we get. If you want a particular Companion, check the Crown store frequently (they appear when badges are used) and they appear only when they would normally in the story line. So, if you haven't reached the point in the story line where they would normally appear, they probably won't be in the Crown Ship yet.

Sep 08, 2008
I got Tricky Vinny, and I believe he came from a side quest, from the Frogfather.

Visit the Frogfather again, and see if he has a quest waiting for you.

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Tricky Vinny I am fairly certain is a sidequest, not mainline.
Trying to remember (I received this companion a day or so ago).
I believe it is part of the "Rat Pack" series of quests.

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Aug 30, 2009
You have to complete the rat pack quest line and be a swashbuckler to get vinny

Aug 14, 2009
You have to complete the quest where you see One Eyed Jack the first time, when you get your skiff. Sooner or later, the frogfather will have a quest for you.

Feb 07, 2010
I'm sorry but all of these don't work I even finished the Rat Pack line quest (Well, because I like 100% these days). I checked The Frogfather every time but still no quest (Well, the only quest I got was a Cool Ranch main quest for Silver Bullets).

Jul 26, 2012
In order to get Tricky Vinny you must first do a quest for Strong John Silver, who is located in Gullet. After doing this quest John will tell you to go speak with the Frogfather, which is where you will be given Tricky Vinny if you are a swashbuckler.

Strong John Silver is just outside the Gullet weapon shop. His quest won't be available until after you have completed the Presidio quest for the Frogfather.