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What is the Hardest Boss in Aquila?

Feb 29, 2012
Just curious to see your opinions. I'm not in Aquila yet, but still, I know quite a lot about it. So, what boss has given you the most difficulty in Aquila?

I'd say Hydra.

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Mar 26, 2012
Scylla is the hardest boss along side the Hydra so it is:

Scylla 1.5
Hydra 1.5
Other 0

Mar 05, 2009
Scylla can be tough if you're not expecting it, but if you treat it like a series of tough ship battles it's not so bad. Keep an eye on your ship health, drop anchor & heal up if you need to.

Hydra's a long tedious fight, but it seemed hardest for me at first and then got easier as it went. Keeping track of details (which heads you need to focus on and when) helps a lot.

For Witchdoctors, and considering what level you are when you run into them, the worst one is probably Bishop in the Beachhead main battery. (Witchdoctor enemies in general are a lot more formidible for us in the new worlds than they were through Mooshu.)

Wicked Ginelle Vaughn

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Jun 09, 2009
Scylla ofc
Hydra is tough too and should be fixed

Mar 26, 2012
Current poll is:

Scylla - 1.43
Hydra - 1.43
Other - 0.38

Cass Underwood Lvl 63
Ryan Underwood Lvl 22
Brandon Underwood Lvl 8

Feb 12, 2012
i thought hydra > scylla. the heads were easy for my galleon. i used the indomitable thing and inspiration defense wise. i thought the spawns were hard because i kept getting weak companions

May 24, 2009
Hello Highlander Fox! I believe that, atleast for me, that the Hydra was the toughest for me. I found this boss to be the toughest because of all of its glitches. I thought that the Scylla boss wasn't hard, at all. I have some pretty neat ships, though.

Have a Great Day! Lvl 65