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macOS Update Warning – Your Access to Pirate101

macOS Pirates,

Apple will be releasing the macOS Catalina update sometime in October. If you upgrade right away to Catalina, you will not be able to play Pirate101 or Wizard101. To ensure your game access is not interrupted, please wait to install Catalina until we announce full support for the new OS.

The current version of macOS is ‘Mojave’ that runs on a 32-bit platform. ‘Catalina’ is the new upcoming macOS and will require applications to support 64-bit processing. Currently, Pirate101 and Wizard101 are 32-bit applications.

That means that Pirate101 or Wizard101 will not run on your Mac if you upgrade to Catalina. The good news is that we’re working on making both games Catalina compatible.

Thanks for your patience as we work on this updated functionality. We will notify you as soon as support for Catalina becomes available.

Good news, Pirates!

We have pushed a macOS Catalina compatibility fix out to you. We need our dedicated Pirate players here in the community forums to please login and give it a spin. Let us know if you encounter any issues or concerns before we start promoting it to the rest of the community.

Thanks again for your patience during this extended time!

Jan 07, 2014
Tried to download the game for my Mac OS Catalina, and it crashes after logging in.

Patrick82643 on Mar 31, 2020 wrote:
Tried to download the game for my Mac OS Catalina, and it crashes after logging in.
Is this a fresh install? What's your mac model version?