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We have put together different guides for different types of players. Click the question mark icon above on the top bar of the Pirate101 website to access our guides. We have our Quick Guide, which shows all the buttons on the screen and will help you understand how to move, interact, and chat. We also have our Player's Guide, which is an in-depth look at Pirate101--everything from creating your Pirate to ship-to-ship combat. There's a ton of helpful information in the Player's Guide!

We also have our Message Boards (you're reading them), which contain comments and suggestions from our players:
  • "Captain's Log" is where you will see announcements about Pirate101.
  • "A Pirate's Life" is for asking and answering questions about Pirate101.
  • "The Shipyards" is for suggestions and feedback about Pirate101.
  • "The Tavern" is for all sorts of discussions about Pirate101, gaming, and other off-topic items.
  • Forums found under the heading 'Worlds of the Spiral" are for help and discussion about parts of the game that occur in those areas of the game.

You can use the Search link at the top to look for information, Recent Topics shows you the most recently posted articles, and Hottest Topics shows you the most popular articles. Watched Topics shows those topics you've flagged to pay attention to. "Read new topics" shows you the topics that have been posted since the last time you visited.

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Pirate101 is rated E10 for Everyone 10+.

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