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Deeper details of morphing?

May 31, 2016
I was feeling bored earlier and asked if anyone wanted to morph with me... well, I ended up with a 422 pedigree Scrimshaw Drake (from my 261 base parent and another Drake from a super sweet user)...

So now I realize how little I know about morphing, because suddenly majority of its skills and powers are ultra rare to epics?!? How did this happen!

Is there a max pedigree I can achieve? How did that user get their pet's pedigree so high anyway?

I'm very happy with my new pet - I'm looking to increase the stats of my future pets even more! I'd appreciate any answers to questions - thank you!!

Jun 12, 2012
The max pedigree you can obtain is 700, with all Ultra-Rares on the Power side and Epics on the Talent side. Now, I do not recommend this as your pet will most likely end up with mixed talents (as in Shooty, Staffy, and Melee combined with random selfish) in one pet if you're not careful in what lies in the pool.

The way it works is that the new pet gets a combination of talents from both parents. If the other drake had a lot more Ultra-Rares and Epics, they're bound to show up in the new pet along with yours if they happen to be different talents and powers, this is why there's a huge jump in pedigree.

Oct 27, 2009
The other person probably morphed more than once to get their pet, improving each time or morphing really good pets together. Your pet was probably also lucky and passed on it's better talents.