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Best Cool Ranch companion?

May 02, 2011
My favourite companion is corporal sanders (KFC reference right there) because he is the second last Companion in cool ranch

Mar 24, 2013
Here my favorite cool ranch companion El Toro, Mustang Sally, Jane Canary , any bison braves and the horse fencer ( forgot his name ). El Toro is a great companion this is one speedy tank, Mustang Sally for her speed, Jane for her shooting skills, bison braves make good tank ( still waiting thire second tire ) and horse fencer for his speed a great companion for early cool ranch.

Aug 06, 2011
Nov 10, 2012
My favorite is Bat Masterson (whom is now a level 42 )

He knows Second Chance, Riposte, and Blade Storm. He has considerable dodge and can crit like crazy if given the chance. He was awesome to use :P

I also use (whom I believe is Bat's relative) Jim Masterson who only knows Blade Storm. He's also just as crit crazy as Bat but needs more epics.

I also use a Weasel Gambler (Whose name I forgot XD), who has Quick Adjust and Second Chance and Rooster Cogburn who knows True Grit, Double Tap and Burst Fire.

Those are my top 5 Cool Ranch Companions :P In my own opinion that is XD

Dec 24, 2012
El Toro has got to be the best ( I haven't got him yet). He has a great sense of humor, and I love his epic hits, and his ego, Also in Marleybone he was hilarious with Ratbeard, Bonnie Anne and Grace Conrad in the dungeon with Bishop. So I think the best Cool Ranch companion is El Toro (music).
Two-Faced Richard Bowman level 23

Aug 01, 2012
I am a level 31 and right now my favorite companion is Tyson (from the fighting ring at the Traveling Medicine Show). I think that duck holiday will also be good when I get him.

Mar 16, 2013
Captain Sharp on Aug 14, 2014 wrote:
I would like to know the best cool ranch companion! Im a level 25 and I currently think the chicken ranger is the best cause he is decent and my highest level companion, also being level twenty five. I am hoping some higher leveled people than me reply. :)
totally el toro totally i also think magnificent 7 pretty decent

fair sailing lvl 65

Feb 28, 2014
Captain sharp, I would say that when you finish the magnificent 7 quest you will get the best cool ranch companions... I'm a privateer and I got Jane Canary and bill peacock