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Whats wrong with these red sash ships?!

Feb 12, 2012
I've been battling these ships for 2 days now, and I cant get past this quest if you've been expieriencing this like I have then PLEASE HELP ME!

Jun 06, 2011
Do you have to collect mercury? they need to get that quest fixed soon, it took me way to long

Feb 27, 2009
Tell me the quest first of all. If you do that I'll look into this and see if someone has the same problem so One-Eyed Jack doesn't have to. I'm doing another favor today for you cause it's Christmas and also I'm going to have a Christmas party 4:00 EST, December 25 so be there mod's. Let's go to realm Vamadia, 1 area.

Apr 24, 2010
The same thing happened to me, all i had to do was bring a friend. After 2 matches I got it. Its like zafaria in w101. To many defeat and collects, and drop rate very low. But, because of all the fighting you'll get plenty of gold and house items.

From, Awkward Corwin Nightingale, Level 21 musketeer
Also, Corwin Trollleaf, Level 80 life wizard (discontinued)

Jun 08, 2010
it helps if you have a friend with you because once you get one item you start getting a whole bunch. And just blast them out of the sky with a friend goes by much quicker if you do that is what i would do. lvl 33