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"Propaggrandizing" maintenance thoughts

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Ahoy! I've a few thoughts on doing maintenance to that quest, even thoughts it's one of my favorites. Listen.

1. While Taking to Mann the Bounty Hunter, the camera should focus on him while he says his line, "You've been able to out muscle a few small-time crooks. But can you go head to head with an intellectual saboteur?", & "Another job done in record time. Guess it's easy when your target has a few screws loose. Child's play, really.".

2. El Toro's line, "Judging by the deranged prose of these Leaflets, I'd say we are dealing with an evil genius the likes of which we've never faced before." & Bonnie Anne's line, "More like an evil loony! Half of these aren't evil real words! C'mon, let's catch this crackpot.", should be changed from dialogue boxes to dialogue pop-ups.

Those are my only thoughts about doing maintenance to that quest. Hope that gets done soon. Thanks!