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Completed Mooshu quest problem

Jan 30, 2009
Hello everyone!

I have a big problem, when I finish the quests and head back to Captain Avery to talk for the next chapter he told me it was not avalible at this time to try again later, then my quest mark was gone.

Can somebody help me fix the problem or share what to do, I cant do any further quests

Please help!

Jan 30, 2009
Yesterday I recieved a maintance on character and could not log in this time.
I was realy happy and looking forward to the next day that I can play again.

Instead it feels like they torture me, no messages in the mailbox as update and the problem still exist when I log back in.
Why do they not update the problem to me.
If you know what is going o I can agree with waiting time or something. But totaly nothing feels like dark evil.

Maybe they dont mean it like that, but it is how I experience it, I cant find an explanation why they would not contact me if it was normal or a bug they are working on at the moment to fix.

I do hope they can tell me something here or in private email its to quiet for many days that I do need to pay.

Hi, just reading your posts here. Two possibilities:

1- It really kind of sounds like you've reached the end of the current game by finishing the last quest in the current story. If you completed the quest "The Great and Powerful Turtle," then you've reached the end of the quest line. Congratulations! More content and updates to the game are planned, but for now, you've gone as far as you can in the game.

2- If you still have this quest in your quest log; however, then you'll need to talk to Support to have them help you.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jan 30, 2009
Hi One-eyed Jack!

Many thanks for the reply.

I indeed done the great turle quest, the confusion started that Captain Avery had a new questmark for me when I was done with Mooshu storyline.
I tried to find any news or postif that was the end of the current content but did not find anything.
The way it did end was looking like a bug because it said not avalible at this time what happened once before when there was alot of players at the place.
But in other quests the questmark did not dissapear as it did now.

I am glad to hear that it is normal and nothing bad happened to me, but can they please create some kind of post where I can read in the future where it does end that would be great.

many thanks for the fast reply!