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Windy Dock

Apr 20, 2018
I was doing the quest to get monkey kings staff and it said go to windy dock and when i got there and clicked X to dock an error message came up and it kicked me off my pirate and when I clicked play under that pirate it wouldnt load me into the world no matter how many times i tried and this has happened with two pirates now

Apr 06, 2018
Hello 2DarkMark,

I'm James and I want to help.

First, let's go through the basics. I assume you've tried restarting your computer, and if you have done that, then attempt a hard shutdown, but make sure you close everything that is open on your computer before you do. Next, try running Pirate101 as an administrator. If that does not work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If this helps or this hasn't worked let me know.