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What is up with Corsair's Channel?

Jun 13, 2012
In corsair's channel, there is the main-quest dungeon area, but what is up with those overpowered Troggies and Waponis? They have 600-700 health! I couldn't kill- I mean defeat that!

Ahh! It sounds like you've discovered the depths of Devilfish Hollow!

This is a challenging area that is open to all players in a free-to-play setting . . . it certainly sounds like a fun place to explore if you're feeling particularly brave or have some higher-level backup help with you.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jun 02, 2013
Is level 55 enough jack you need to be level 20 for devilish hollow

Jun 04, 2014
When you 1st start it it is easy.(If you fight the bosses of course.) But if you you fight wapionis,troggies,spiders,and gray cutthroats,your only word is ''Yikes!``
Recommended levels:
Waponis= 18
Troggies= 20
Cutthroats= 34
To wrap thing up; Devilfish Hollow is for higher levels.
Though they drop A LOT of pet snacks! Though the Cutthroats drop level 10 gear.

Dec 01, 2012
They're not Waponis,they're Katipo.

Has anyone else noticed that the Sharks warriors seem to have some kind of house like symbol tattoed on their arms?And that the same symbol is engraved on their swords?
We've thought of many reasons.Blessing the warriors and their weapons through the powers of some shark spirit.Binding the warrior to his weapon.Or irrelevant,it just looks cool.