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Bruno Chapel instance (Phule) Bugged

Dec 18, 2012
Yo there , beside of the awful drop rate (more of 12 hours of farming, 200+ runs and still no Phule medallio, but 3 hats and 2 wands), i noticed a bug occurring when more than one people join the fight at the countdown, this happened in both crowded and normal/perfect server, when me (with my buccaneer) and another dude joined the fight we got only Servus Albus, no Cabro on the sight, so if at the first time we surrended since when we defeated a custos (melee unit) he spawned a marine at its place, the second we defeated all the units but the instance was'nt able to finish since Servus Cabro was missing; this bug occurred once more but we just logged off and relogged in and lost some time for heal, so actualy i would say that the safest way for to do Bruno Chapel in company is by letting one dude to join it and the others just port to him since in solo i did not have any problem.

saludos and please... fix that drop rate .

Eccentric Roberto Bellamy
Little John