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Companion clipping during critical hits

May 31, 2010
I've noticed that several companions experience clipping during some of their critical hit animations. IE, parts of the model visibly pass through each other. Sometimes this is minor, and sometimes it's quite noticable.

These are the companions where I've noticed clipping consistently, and where it's obvious enough (in my opinion) to look bad.

Lucy Sterling, with promotion costumes: The right leg of her pants clips through part of her robe during some of her "spin-slash" animations. Especially the ones where she crouches down. Minor, but noticiable with the color combinations on my crew. (Brown pants poking through bright green.) Also, the right shoulder on her second promotion costume clips through her face on several animations, causing her to appear to have a lopsided mustache during some of the closeups.

Handsome Dan, second promotion costume: The larger collar on this uniform clips through the back of his head during his "slash and shoot" critical attack, and the right side of the collar clips deeply through his face every time he gets knocked down. (By that, I mean the side of the collar on Dan's right, since he raises his right arm to adjust his hat after he gets knocked down.)

Kan Po, first promotion costume: When he leans forward during some of his critical hit animations, his hips clip through the back of his tunic. The camera is usually in front of him during the animation, but it's *very* visible if the camera happens to be behind him. It's pretty likely that the clipping occurs in all versions of his costume, but so far I've only actually *seen* it with his first promotion outfit. (As mentioned, the camera is usually somewhere in front of him during his critical hit animations.)

Bat Masterson, basic costume: During his critical hit animation, at the point where he pauses with his wings spread, there is a small glowing purple thing just in front of his lower lip. I think this is the model for the conical "shockwave" FX that appears at the end of the attack. It does give him the appearance of having a glowing purple stud in his lower lip though.

El Toro, basic costume, while fighting skeletons in Miranda: This problem might be specific to Miranda, or to fighting "breakable" skeletons. I haven't noticed it happening anywhere else yet. In any case, when El Toro uses his "rapid sword slash" critical hit against breakable skeletons in Miranda, sometimes his entire head disappears as the skeleton breaks apart. This only seems to happen when the camera is aligned a specific way (and obviously only if the attack actually defeats a breakable skeleton enemy.) Basically, it seems to happen when the scene is arranged as follows:

* * *
* E T
C * *

Where E is El Toro, T is the target skeleton, and C is the camera. I didn't notice it happening if the camera was on the left side of El Toro. When it happens though, the debris causes El Toro's entire face to vanish for a moment.