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Companions with bugs

Oct 15, 2012
I have been wanting to say a few things about the companions like starting by putting down just how many of them are bugged. For instance: Milo Greytail it has been proven that the critical he does when he is not promoted is his strongest. the one where he jumps up into the air and stabs his enemy. same with egg shen. but when they're at highest promotion they do their WEAKEST criticals. just like it was with wing chun and this needs to be fixed for real its annoying. Second i think there might be a slight problem with birgus latro. I looked at the crown counterpart for him: Caracticus and it says caracticus has berserk. i have noticed that all of the presidio companions have a special talent such as pirate but birgus does not. Is this a problem with him? is he supposed to have berserk like caracticus? i just want to know because i have him on one of my characters: Adrian Deveraux and he is fully promoted but has no special talents. please shed some light on this topic.