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Program won't launch

Jun 06, 2011
I am on a MacBook Pro and the program will not launch. It lets me get as far as going through the log in process than it goes to the load screen and gives me: "Error: A problem has occurred. Do you want to report this error to Kings Isle?" I have attempted to uninstall and reload program multiple times with no success. I just paid for a monthly subscription and now can't get in to play. It let me in once, but now will not let me in. I play Wizard101 with no problems.

Please help. I'd like to play a game I already paid for. I had made sure that it would launch before I paid and now it will not launch.

Jun 20, 2013
I play on a mac laptop and this happens to me a lot too. Sometimes, out of the blue, the game will start working again and I can play perfectly well for a few days and then it'll crash or something and I won't be able to get back in. Sometimes uninstalling it, checking for any system updates, rebooting the computer, and then reinstalling it helps, but never consistently.

Recently, the login screen hasn't even been loading for me. :/