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Still waiting on the Obsidian Deathdealers fix

Sep 04, 2013
So I think it's time to bring this up again. When are the Obsidian Deathdealers going to be fixed? They're still a level 70 weapon that does only 80 damage. They're completely unusable in this state. In fact, they've never been usable, the weapons have been this way the entire time. They were like this in the test realm, they were like this at release, and they're still like this right now.

This hasn't really been an obscure, hidden issue, there has been another bug report thread about this made in September. Link. I also brought this up while it was in the test realm in the test realm section, but those posts all get purged when the update goes live so I can't cite it. This isn't even an issue limited to the Obsidian Deathdealers, all of the Duck of Death's Obsidian gear have the same base stats as their level 30 counterparts for some reason.

Both Hats give +7 Will and +3 Magic Resist
Both Jackets +6 Will and +22 Magic Resist
Both Boots give +7 Agility and +6 Will

These are laughable stats for level 70 gear, not to mention special Skeleton key gear. Please fix this soon I am tired of waiting.

Feb 12, 2015