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Avast! Ship based housing

Aug 02, 2013
While I like the idea of player housing, particularly the new class housing, I feel that in some part, it's a bit "unrealistic". Yes, I know, it's a game. I digress. Personally, I feel that ship based housing would've made more sense.

Sure, the super cool island mansions are nice to look at, but I'm supposed to be a pirate right? I spend most of my time at sea, sailing around the spiral. Therefore, I think it would've been neat that your "house" (at least at low levels), would be the cabin/captain's quarters of your ship. Granted, the raft you get at first doesn't leave much for wiggle room, but the skiff level and higher would have more than enough space for your booty....treasure that is.

Just my two doubloons on the subject. Love me some Pirate 101! Arrrrrgh!

Edit: sorry for the repeat, I didn't see this topic had already been covered the first time I looked at the common requests board!

May 21, 2009
This has actually been addressed and is on a list of things to add - One Eyed Jack has a post on it somewhere...