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Change character features option

Dec 11, 2010
I feel like this game should have a magic mirror option similar to how wizard101 does. Only the feature could definitely be extended just a little.

For Pirate101 have the shop somewhere easily accessible on Skull Island, complete with a magic mirror.
OR to make it more pirate like it could be a dashing cosmetologist.

New additions I would like to see for both
Gender and Name change: Sometimes things can't be just transferred through the bank, maybe the name you liked 6 years ago on your Wizard/Pirate doesn't look good anymore or maybe they have literally irreplaceable items such as Ninja Pig Companion but because of emotional reasons they cannot stand playing that character anymore. I think 2500 to 5000 crowns is a fair enough price. As for how your friends list would react, a pop up will appear next time they log in (or if logged in already pop up immediately) saying "Your friend oldcharactername is now newcharactername).

More hairstyles of course
and even MORE facepaint, facepaint is really fun and would love to see more (even if in Pirate it's set to accessories)

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
It would be nice to have these things. It would be even nicer to continue the Pirate's story.