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Commonly Requested Additions to Pirate101

Dec 22, 2010
Howdy Jack! My name is Finnegan Voss. I am a musketeer (lvl 65) and i have a few suggestions:

1) dying your flag. (Note: If you do this your companions will prob already be died those same colors.)

2) Gifting

3) Allowing not just & to have heavy armor. I WANT HEAVY ARMOR TOO!!! lol

4) More replenish potions. I only have 3 like many other people i think

5) Maybe music players? New music?

6) Housing on a ship like in the door area we cant go in. (Why is it locked? Dont be have key?)

7) An island meant only to be a commons area. Yes i know bout skull island one, but it is not that fun and kinda small with only new players :(

8) Better pets. what can i say? They weak

9) Cooler attacks for all classes, especially musketeers.

10) More interaction with teachers! or even Avery!!! They can give us some side quests or something like that.

11) Maybe some meetings with some wizards................Wizard101 meets Pirate101. A person plays wizard101.....and then pirates can come over to wizard city and play together on different games heeh

12) Guest star? Like Selena? "Hi i'm selena gomez and i am singing with crabs

13) Ship pvp

14) Party island for members. (Maybe gold prise of 500 for non members. Just to be fair)

15) Mounts that you can use like a ship. Fly though the skyway on a dolphin!!!

16) Teleport door in house.

17) Tour of house with cat lady.

18) Using attacks out of pvp or pve. Like showing them off. Training area or something to show your moves to new players.

19) Flame thrower gun just a thought

20) My last one. Getting rid of unneeded,unwanted, bad companions. Not benching but like letting them train with somebody else.

Okay those were my AMAZING ideas Bye

Gunner's Mate
Nov 01, 2012
How about a more card packs and bundles all we have is the azteca tribal crew pack and that has gotten pretty old now same with the admiral and cutthroat bundles. Also how about a dummy that you can have in your house to practice fighting on and you would be able to choose its level up to the level cap which is currently 65 and you can choose the class of the dummy (swash, bucc, witch, etc.) and you could choose how many companions and dummies you want to fight like 1v1 up to 4v4 which is max. And last how about a request to join someone's battle I know their is a no friend teleporting option but sometimes I like my higher leveled friends to join and help me out in a battle but I hate when really low leveled pirates joining my battle it adds an extra enemy and the low level pirate is useless.

Slick Cody Jones privateer lvl 59
Merciless Ethan Jenkins swashbuckler lvl 64

Petty Officer
Jun 09, 2009
I'd really like a housing vendor in every world. I'd love to see some that we can buy with gold ^_^

Oct 13, 2012
Id really like more housing options. We can only buy two different houses... and i remember in wizard101 they made house that were based off the worlds and some specified for a certain class ( i bought the storm house). So I suggest That class houses ( like swashbuckler themed or witch doctor, Musketeer, etc.) should be an addition for the future. and houses themed off certain worlds like Marleybone, Mooshu, or Aquila would look nice too. Most importantly if this does come to be we should be able to buy them with both crowns or gold.

Dark Creighton

Jul 05, 2012
Gardening! I absolutely adored gardening in wizard101, and would love to see it again here, in pirates. It was one of my favorite things to do, and the plants really liven up a living space.
-Fair Charlotte Firth, Level 52 Musketeer

First Mate
May 01, 2012
Bengalstar: I believe there is a Housing Vendor in Skull Island Town that sells houses. Be prepared to buy at 75,000 Gold for the small one and 100,000 Gold for the large one (unless the prices have gone up since I last looked).

Petty Officer
Oct 04, 2012
A way to kick people if they are away or not participating in a fight. I have just died twice due to people purposefully avoiding taking parts in low level fights so as to avoid getting hit.

Petty Officer
Jun 28, 2011
One-Eyed Jack i have a request pvp related pirate101 should have

Practiced Pvp

Ranked Pvp

Pvp Tournaments

Ship Pvp


and Pvp Arenas in

Cool Ranch
and Aquila.

If you see this i hope your listening and you may add them

Petty Officer
Jan 01, 2013
Spaztik269 on Nov 7, 2012 wrote:
I would like to suggest that in ship battles you might have an option to take over a ship. Back in pirate days they would win a new ship in battle not by buying one. So why not put this option in game. Pirates fought for everything they had accept drink ...thats what their gold was for. You don't make lots of gold in this game. Treasure chests give you low gold count .. I find chests all over an get 8 pieces most all the time. Pirates were about pillaging not buying ... more pillaging please with option to take ships by force. Have a great day and Thxs. its a good game lets just make it a great game :)
I agree very much with Spaztik269. It would be much cooler to take over or capture ships.
-Level 52 WitchDoctor

Mar 07, 2013
I am excited for flag dying to be introduced. My girlfriend made a witchdoctor on my account for fun and I need to change it's colors. I really don't like sailing around in pink sails while my musketeer is black and red deathly sails

Apr 24, 2010
Uh just a thought.. i dont think i have seen anyone mention this but how about new weapons idea.?

1. How about nunchucks? (just a thought btw) like you can put blades on the end of them i think swashbucklers would like that?

2. i am pretty sure some musketeers want the bows like from wiz101.. some bows like in the knights lore pack maybe? Or maybe you know like how the ninja pig could throw ninja stars that could be an option right?

3. for witches maybe they could be like the pig necromancer and just like throw fire balls stuff like that?

4. buccaneers maybe they could get a weapon sorta like the lance from wiz101? or some better cestus?

5.privateer.... well i have noo idea lol cause they are good with all weapons :p




Cole Strong lvl 65 Witch Doctor

Dec 09, 2012
Sierra Starsong on Oct 30, 2012 wrote:
Brilliant idea, Jack! Thank you for - er, hopping all over the Boards so we don't have to!
Ya he is quite popular on the message boards because he usually talks and post topics the most than all the others (as far as i seen)

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
When do you guys think roaming mounts and pets will be added? Just an idea, like in between two times. Just so I know.

Gunner's Mate
Nov 01, 2012
RiverWhooshP101 on Jul 10, 2013 wrote:
When do you guys think roaming mounts and pets will be added? Just an idea, like in between two times. Just so I know.
I am glad they are adding that my swashbuckler has mounts from the tribal crew pack and a hoard of pets that I don't know what to do with

Jun 17, 2013
These are all very good Features to add.

But the one thing I was mostly hoping for was the pet pavilion,like in Wizard101. But instead when the pet levels up {baby-teen teen-adult adult-epic} the pet would get an epic talent. And maybe somewhere in the middle of it all sometimes getting normal talents.

And i know i forgot one level after epic but i forgot what it was called...
Anyway,I hope
you guys will some point make the pet pavilion.

Jul 17, 2012
ya can you let us sell companions please

Aug 03, 2010
Are online bundles coming soon for Pirate101? The cards are rarely available in the stores.

Feb 05, 2012
Dec 31, 2012
Hey, Jack!

I personally would like to be able to rename some of the companions I recruit whose names are apparently made up using the random pirate name generator. I can do this for my pet by paying a little gold, so why not get the same feature for some companions?

It'd be nice if the Crab Hermit you recruit in Valenicia actually had a Valencian / Italian sounding name instead of Wild Bill Murray or something, or if the Toreodor Swordsman you recruit in Cool Ranch had a Spanish sounding name like everyone else in Santa Pollo.

This is a cosmetic feature so it is sure to be low on the priority list and some may think my suggestion is really nitpicky, but I really enjoy all facets of Pirate101 and things like that really help my immersion when I am gaming.

Thanks for your time and to all at KI, keep up the excellent work!

Talon Devereaux

May 24, 2012
I would like to post this message to say that I think that the Inoshishi Necromancer companion should be available to Witchdoctors. My argument is that my favorite world is Mooshu, and I think it would be AWESOME to have a Witchdoctor companion from Mooshu. If you agree with me, please yar this (like a petition).

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
Hi Jack! My sister got a lot of doubles with the aztecasaur bundle and wanted to share some with me, is there going to be a way to be a way to gift these? I kinda want some of the doubles she will share with me.

Sep 27, 2012
The Helpful Pirate on Oct 31, 2012 wrote:
The order that I go through the quests in is not necessarily the order that the designers intended us to use.

Searching for Quests - GraceEll

Since any NPC could potentially have a quest for us, after each level up we have to run around and make sure no one has side quests for us. In Wizard101 this wasn't a huge deal because there were only a few people who could have quests for us. However, in this game. Just in Skull Island, there are three areas (four if you count Regal Skyway) that could have people with quests. In addition, once you go to another Skyway/World there is no guarantee that there are no more side quests going to appear in an old Skyway once you level up.

I realize that some of the is unavoidable, but I have an idea. What if, on our map, there was a little yellow question mark to mark where quests were (the cities and/or zones). We'd still have to go through every area in that city or zone to check for the quest but at least we would know what city/zone to look in.
Thanks for posting this on here. I haven't been on the forums in a while and am glad to see someone cares about that as much as I do.

It is really time consuming to run around looking for quests especially with so many areas and so many people in Pirate101. It keeps me from enjoying the content sometimes because I spend so much time searching for it. I know many, many other MMOs do this and would love to see it implemented on Wizard101 and Pirate101!

Sep 18, 2010
You've all pondered some wondrous ideals and I must agree with "half" of them. And I believe my reasons are clear(all though you wont all agree), however Pirate101 does not need ranked PvP(what's PvE?) or've got enough open space to roam and explore and if you create ranked PvP that will not only cram more non needed junk in the servers but it will be unfair to some people and it will get to out of hand like in Wizard101. As well, thank you for working on that explore housing button, it's most needed-but this time use a different NPC, perhaps a male dog. And a bank such as a "Spiral Bank" capable of trading CERTAIN items between Wizard101 and Pirate101(ideal goes towards a wizard101 central member) or bigger banks on both games. The other idea(l)s I'll have to consider...

-sincerely, the Theurgist/Privateer

Dec 13, 2008
I think that there should be housing decorations for ships. On galleons the ships can be huge and and seem lonely. I think we should be able to add like coils of rope or broken clockwork marines etc. Either that or you can see your companions on deck pretending to do jobs like hammering the deck or hoisting the sails. Finally, I think that if you have multiple ships, you should be able to use multiple ships to fight a ship. Like if you have three ships, you should be able to control all three in a battle, so you can be a commodore over a fleet.

Long live the resistance!

Kevin Zest

Mar 07, 2009
Trimond297 on Jan 9, 2013 wrote:
What I really, really, really, REALLY, want for you to add in Pirate101 is to have our Companions roam freely around in our homes, so that they'll walk around the houses, and we can have conversations between our Companions, ask them questions, talk to them about our current adventures so far, their histories, and plenty more! Put this request as a must-have request, if you please! I would LOVE to talk to our Companions so much!
I agree with this idea! I think it would be cool that when you go to one of your houses, you companions are there to hang out and talk to you. Since its supposed to be the base for your crew, I think it would be a fun addition. Though not have them roam around like how the mounts and pets are in W101, where you actually have to place them. Just have them wander the house on their own while you're there, and then join you again when you're away from the house.