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Find Quest Option

May 11, 2010
I think adding in the Find Quest option from our quest log, like there is in Wizard 101 would be awesome!! I logged in to wizard yesterday for the first time in ages, and found the option in my quest log and I loved it!!

Sep 13, 2008
Yes, I think this would be great!

Just recently my buccaneer was going back to the Gold Mine to help out a friend when I realized there was a new quest available that I hadn't completed yet. Having a way to find quests like that would be really helpful.

Chase Nightingale, level 29

Oct 11, 2008
I love this in Wizards. It really helped me. Yesterday I was helping my son's character in Pirates do a dungeon in Cool Ranch - and picked up a companion I missed when I was there! Bah! Must have the ?! locator!