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Loot vs. Items

Feb 12, 2012
So when KI did that major update about 2 months ago, it said it would add more loot and more items. And I liked that because I'm one of those people who likes to farm. I also like to farm the Monkey King.(and maybe grind sometimes.) But then when i got the reward it was ALL GOLD! Even when I did it with 4 people. Twice. ALL GOLD. Well lets not work ourselves up, lets see the pros and cons:

Gold pros: can buy more companion points thus making battle preformance better,can buy decent items
Gold cons: cannot get the best items out there, kind of boring after awhile

Items pros: pretty darn good items,gives you moves sometimes,ups battle preformance
Item cons:companions cannot get as many training points, somtimes takes a long time to get the item you want

So KI I know you tried to get people more items while giving gold but it didnt really work so can you balance it a little more? Before the update i did it with another person and we get TONS of stuff and gold.

Fearless Connor Underwood Level 50