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New Holiday Pack Would Have Been Nice for Pirates

Sep 19, 2012
well.. I thought of some more xD

candy cane striped towels, red wallpaper with blue, green, pink, yellow and purple striped candy canes on it, towels that are red with candy canes on them, Ebeneezer Scrooge in his bed interactive pops up with candle xD, yum trifle on a pedestal plate for the dining table, gingerbread cutout signposts, gingerbread reindeer, hangable LARGE filled stockings(bulky), marble seraph statue, seraph-shaped candles, interactive tapestry to Bestia, interactive tapestry to Bazaar, large marble oval table with shapely legs, striped scarves for our pirate to wear, Crystal goblets with yum, mugs with eggnog or hot cocoa, ship-shaped ice sculpture(3 sizes? outdoor, indoor, & tabletop?), holiday crystal unicorn mount drops(from this year).

stormy jen silver