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Non-solo end dungeons

Aug 21, 2009
Pirate101 doesn't seem to give you the same need for the long list of friends to do stuff with as Wizard101 does, it would be nice if there were end dungeons that needed and required groups to play with just to get a better sense of community play.

Oct 08, 2012
I actually like that it doesn't require asking others for help. I always feel a little shy about doing this. I do like it when someone hops onto the sigil with me. Even though the battle is longer, it IS more fun with others involved. I like the idea of making it advantageous for larger crowds. For example, if pet drops occurred more often when two or more pirates fought together, that would make folks more willing to play together. It wouldn't have to be that, but something along that line might be nice.

Perhaps eventually extra-credit type dungeons will be added like Sunken City will be added. I think that would be perfect, since they don't have to be completed for the storyline, but they give you lots of incentive and bragging rights if you do.

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2010
Completely disagree. I hate having to recruit people or to go into dungeons with strangers.

Sep 08, 2008
Thomas Stormweaver on Oct 29, 2012 wrote:
Completely disagree. I hate having to recruit people or to go into dungeons with strangers.
I completely agree with Pzannucci.

But.... if KingsIsle does to Pirate101 what they have done to Wizard101, I will not be suprised if there are dungeons you cannot beat without help and such. That would be just unfortunate.

And I am not looking forward to future expansions either. Right now I am genuinely enjoying myself in Pirate101. Just as much as I have genuinely enjoyed myself in Wizard101 back in 2008/2009, before I stopped having fun Celestia+.

Mar 14, 2009
Forcing me to group up for the average dungeons (and quests) would make me do the same thing I did with Wizard 101, which was play less and less and eventually leave. My work schedule can fluctuate wildly so keeping track with a group of people to play with can be a pain. Having the companions and being able to solo so much of the content, for me, is great.
I will group with people if they or myself need help. I just dislike any game that forces the grouping onto you just to do the average stuff. An epic style dungeon/epic quest line I would agree with if it required extra people.

Jun 08, 2009
No way. I do not like depending on others to have fun. All the free to play games I have tried always ask you to group up with people to do X dungeons then what happens? first, the members leave you and you die. second, some people are shy to ask for help then when others make a group to do anything, those shy people are left out. there are more issues I have seen in other games and would never wish to see it here. you can defeat all dungeons with 4 people max. One of the reason I play Wizard since it was released was due to the solo ability. minus a few dungeons like waterworks, all the rest I did solo. I died and went back and beat it. So no way would I support group dungeons, sorry NO!!

Dec 13, 2009
I don't like group dungeons either. I have done 99 percent of wizards on my own to level 44, save for the big ben (last battle) - it is possible to do most of wizards on your own if you play your cards right (excuse the pun) but I guess Dragonspyre will require group effort which I am not looking forward to.

My son did my death character mostly alone (level 60) and I am enjoying the fact that so far, I have done Pirates alone without needing any help (level 28) I much prefer it that way. I am UK and struggle sleeping so mostly play during the night between 2am and 6am when hardly any other uk player is on so couldn't team up with real world friends (which i would prefer) if I wanted to.

The only option left, is to team up with people ingame who I do not know - My issue is that quite a lot are young, and """some""" are very childish as a result, just leaving mid fight, or standing and not fighting then collecting chests afterwards, or tend to talk about bf/gf/bff or ask for crowns etc, (just like in Wizards but not quite as bad yet)

The even bigger issue is having to depend on others - I don't want to log on, need a group, and find I cannot continue the game because enough of my group are not online at the time. It would be nice to meet people ingame of around the same age/interests though. I was talking to a player the other day in a fight who had ported to me and they were discussing what dolls they wanted for Christmas and what toys they liked to play with. I had to swiftly remove them after the fight as it just didn't feel right at all. I am a female reaching half a century with grown up children and I found it a bit horrifying that someone so young was playing without "apparent" surveillance.

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2010
seasnake on Oct 28, 2012 wrote:
Pirate101 doesn't seem to give you the same need for the long list of friends to do stuff with as Wizard101 does, it would be nice if there were end dungeons that needed and required groups to play with just to get a better sense of community play.
Boo. I like it the way it is.

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2010
I prefer to be able to solo.

Having to rely on others can be very time consuming.
Especially if you don't have many, or any friends in game.

I hope Ki does not start adding content that requires
major teaming up.

Sep 27, 2011
I sincerely hope this does not become the case, because it is exactly why I stopped playing W101 (though I get the occasional desire to try again, then remember those gimmick bosses coming up in Celestia I can't do solo, never mind all the other gimmick bosses that are optional I can't do anything with and clutter up my quest log).

For me P101 is so much better because I can solo everything so far, at any hour of the day and night, and while it is not guaranteed that I will survive every battle, that doesn't bother me so much because it means I messed up tactics during the fight, or got dealt an unlucky start, untrained companions, or bad draw of early talents.

If P101 goes into required groupings for main quest bosses I will not play this either from that point. I ran into way too many people in W101 who acted reprehensibly in groups to ever want to be forced into grouping.

Feb 01, 2011
Another vote for NOT making end dungeons require teams...I mean, isn't that what your crew is for? I don't mind other joining me, and multiple players can be a big help especially in broadside battle, but I love that I can play this game solo if I wish. Besides, at the higher levels (Cool Ranch and Mooshu), there are far fewer players around, so waiting for someone to help you might take a very long time.

Mar 23, 2011
I like it the way it is.first reason, most of the time when grouping the other players leave you in the second battle or dye.I don't mind another person help, as long its only one.second reason, I am shy. third reason, the battles are tougher with another person.being forced to group to finish dungeons will ruin the game.I lose rarely in dungeons, but I just try again.

Jul 29, 2011
I agree with keeping the game solo-friendly. I've played a lot of other MMO's including Wizard and found having to find players to do certain dungeons can be frustrating. In most cases you're waiting around for hours for random people to show up if no friends are online. Then when you do go in, you have people leaving and you're left at a disadvantage or have to start over. I would rather go in and solo a dungeon in 10 - 30 minutes than having to wait hours for a chance to do that dungeon. I've also had a lot of experiences where people added me to a group for a dungeon and then started asking me for money or items and leaving shortly after I tell them no. \

If the developers do plan on releasing group required dungeons than they should add a "dungeon group finder" queue like in other MMO's. Basically this allows people to select the dungeon they want to do(if they are level appropriate) and queue up for it from anywhere in the world. When enough people queue for that dungeon than the group is sent in. Otherwise finding people can be a hassle and will most like put off a lot of people who like to solo away from this game.

Community Leader
Though I appreciate the option to solo just about everything, I wouldn't mind if there were a few entirely optional dungeons that required a ground of people to complete. Maybe it could just be arena-style battles instead of a full 2 hour dungeon.

Or how about this: to have an arena-style instance and can set it for how many party members. Why not make it automatic? If you have two really strong players, you could set the instance to "4 members" and still go in with two, have a greater challenge and then get all the rewards you would get from having two. Or, if you had four solid players, set it to 6!

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Sep 08, 2008
On a side note, regarding Wizard101, the thing that destroyed the game for me was bosses and dungeons in which you just could not survive.

I no longer play because of it, difficulty, and obscene cheats and trials, and unsubscribed from Wizard101.

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I would have to vote against any such dungeon being required play in the game.
Optional dungeons, would be fine, if a player chooses to pursue them, fine.

I dont play ANY of KI's games for a challenge, I play them for the interactive story approach.
I have no interest in challenge, difficulty, etc. Many of the quests already in this game already meet such challenges. Ship battles can be trying... without help. I think in this regard, the game is pretty well balanced already, no need to do tricky, frustrating stuff that causes some of us to take our entertainment dollars elsewheres.

LOL I have so many adult friends that left Wizards simply because of the cheating bosses, and/or due to PVP complaints (not pvp itself... the complaints...)

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