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Pet Ideas - Any Idea Are Welcome!

Community Leader
I would have loved a Guinea Pig pet like those Fuel Vendors. A crocodile maybe? A tiger cub? Shark?

What about you?

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Feb 01, 2011
One of those mechanical birds from Valencia.

A wasp from Cool Ranch.

A jellyfish like they have in Puerto Mico...especially if it glows!

May 13, 2013
I would like there to be a pet that has a snake tail and arms that are cannons and its body's a egg and its head is a shark and its red. it would be called statasour.

May 06, 2009
371 many possiblities...ok! I got them.

From Aquilan inspiration I'd like to see:

An Orthrus pet with Vengeance Strike, and Hold the Line (2 heads, 2 powers lol This would be a rare drop)

A Hawk pet (looks like Wizard101's Night Hawk) with First Strike

A Snake or Snake in a Basket pet with Riposte

A Chimera pet with First Strike, Vengeance Strike, and Witchhunter (3 heads, 3 powers lol. Extremely rare)

A Hydra pet with Repel Boarders, Flanking, and Hold the Line (Again 3 heads, 3 powers. Extremely rare)

In General I'd really, really, REALLY love:

An Anteater pet with First Strike

An Aardvark pet with Hold the Line and high Armor

A Hare/Rabbit pet with Relentless

A Baby Shark pet with Flanking

A Sloth pet with Hold the Line

A Monkey pet with Quick Draw (this pet hurls a banana and attacks at range)

Inspired from Marelybone, I'd like:

A Hound pet with Repel Boarders

A Wolfhound pet with Blade Storm