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Post all housing furniture requests here!

Dec 16, 2009
I'd like to see more statues. Such as Aquilan.

May 06, 2009
Oh, what about adding Music themes to the game like in Wizard101? I'd really appreciate that!

And I'd love-it, love-it, love-it, LOVE-IT if you guys made a One-Eyed Jack-in-the-box! It would an interactive housing item and when you press 'X' the little handle would whine making the Jack-in-the-box music and then pops up a little One-Eyed Jack puppet. That would be awesome!

What about adding Musical Instruments like a playable Upright Piano or an accordian? I'd buy one of those!

Jun 26, 2013
furniture, that you can use.

Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2011
How about one of those blossom trees from mooshu?

May 02, 2009
I like a lot of the imperial powers' (Monquista, Polaris, Valencia, Marleybone) furniture stuff. Like all the stautes and paintings on Granchia in Aragon Skyway in Valencia. Or the polarian items in Napolequin's cell in Fort Elena. Or a lot of the stuff in Monquistan houses and settlements (In example, a lot of the monquistan stuff found in Monquista City and Puerto Mico) We already have the MB stuff I like, but an MB automobile imported from Marleybone City wouldn't be oh so bad . I also love everything found in Aquila, from food to doors and from chests to stautes, I'd love everything I can get my hands on in Aquila XD

Dec 23, 2012
I think there should be some things like a mini pool or like miniature biuldings so you could make a town and some marlybone aquilla and Valencia furniture would be nice.Pretty Nicole level 55 swashbuckler

Keep the requests coming! And a big thanks to all of you who have put in your 2 cents (crowns) already!

Pirate101 Associate Producer
Oct 21, 2012
I would like to see more Aquila stuff.
For e.g. a lyre...or a little centaur statue...OH, or maybe a Amazon hanging bow with arrows
Hmmm...I think I forgot to mention something...

Fair Ashley Holystone

Community Leader
Mannequins! I'm in need of mannequins, Please . I would even buy them from crowned shop.

Owner of Paige's Page Perilous Paige. "Honorary Black Cat of the entire Pirate 101 Fleet"
Mar 09, 2011
BOOKS!!! Books, books, and more books! Lol I'd like to be able to have the books be interact-able -- if you press x when you're close to a book, a page comes up and gives you a story. You can buy whichever story you would like! I would personally prefer chapter books... maybe KI could make the stories from some of the Roleplays?

Apr 09, 2011
I am so glad you asked and glad you started this thread finally.

What I have really been itching for is Aquilian furniture and items. There are so many nice things you designed for that skyway, I hardly know where to start. I was saddened to see a lack of items at the Aquilian furniture vendor. Actually, downright disappointed to be honest.

I would love to see the benches, chairs and especially the tables. I would love to set the banquet scene. So that would require plates, fruit bowls, vase style bottles, etc. The weapon racks are great and always a nice accent.

Temple items would be nice too. Please, some wall torches, pyres and standing torches. And so many great statues to chose from. Would appreciate some nice tapestry wall hangings instead of corny El Presidente paintings.

On the outside, I believe it has already been said that we need more tree options. A few new potted plants and bushes would be nice too. Perhaps a Cleopatra needle or tall Zeus, Apollo, Posideon, Athena Statues?

I have to say that I can't imagine how much time was spent designing so many items, I would hope you make a lot of them available. Even consider an Aquilian card pack. I have gotten so many housing items from the Tribal card packs, it might be appropriate to make an Aquilian pack too.

I look forward to these and more to completing the furnishing the great houses you have offered so far. In fact, I have left rooms bare in eager anticipation that you would release more furnishing options.

Thanks and kudos to all the KI designers and crew for all the great work.

Oct 21, 2012
Just Add Bacon on Aug 22, 2013 wrote:
BOOKS!!! Books, books, and more books! Lol I'd like to be able to have the books be interact-able -- if you press x when you're close to a book, a page comes up and gives you a story. You can buy whichever story you would like! I would personally prefer chapter books... maybe KI could make the stories from some of the Roleplays?
Gasp! That would be wonderful! I mean about those stories and everything. I imagine opening a book and listening to legends about Aquila or Cool ranch...
I would like some more books too, even thou I have a whole library in Rake's Lagoon.
I was also thinking of a spinning globe(or something like that) of each world. You know, like the one in the Crown shop. That would look cool in my planing room...

Fair Ashley Holystone

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
In Corbit's house In Marleybone there are some wonderful hutches with dishes on them, great canned goods that have not been opened yet, to stack on shelves and a Gorgeous cooking stove. It is HUGE and has bacon and eggs cooking and a stock pot steaming,along with beautiful brass pots and pans hanging all around it. As for food it has a huge french bread, swiss cheese wheel and a lattice pie, A cutting board with veggies on it, all these tea cups and dishes in the cupboards.......
That's what I want for my houses . Lots of stuff like this to make it look lived in and more homey. Please

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Just Add Bacon on Aug 22, 2013 wrote:
BOOKS!!! Books, books, and more books! Lol I'd like to be able to have the books be interact-able -- if you press x when you're close to a book, a page comes up and gives you a story. You can buy whichever story you would like! I would personally prefer chapter books... maybe KI could make the stories from some of the Roleplays?
Just look in Corbit's house in Marleybone, Isle of Dogs. Along the walls by the stairs there are book shelves with TONS of different kinds of books. So many different varieties. This is what we want for our libraries. Please?

Aug 02, 2008
I'm a HUGE proponent of the Mannequin ideal! Something we can interact with to equip gear from our backpacks would be an outstanding way to revel in some of our more unique finds.

I've started lobbying to have our full fleets bobbing in our harbors, but I saw someone else here suggesting being able to display our bottled ships and truly love this idea as well.

Someone in another thread suggested housing items that would act as anchors for our Companions and Pets to be displayed hanging out or roaming around an area, though that's less furniture and more ambience.

Thanks for this thread! This is the sort of community attention I keep coming back to KI games for!

Dec 18, 2010
Johnny Ringo on Aug 8, 2013 wrote:
Ahoy mateys! Do you have a housing furniture request? If so, you've come to the right place!

Please list any housing furniture items you would like to see potentially added in future game updates.

  1. List existing items you see in the world you would like to see made in to housing furniture
  2. Think of some cool new housing furniture items you would like to see created

Please do not list house types you would like to see created. This section is only meant for furniture discussion.

While we cannot guarantee your requests will make it in to the game, we will absolutely review each request.

I think that we can have housing items shared between games. I know it says we can't because certain items should not be used in both games but I think housing items should be able to be shared between games.

Petty Officer
Dec 28, 2012
as thunderchu said i would like a part of the house like gracie's workshop

  1. stuff for krokatopia and dragonspyre like in wizard101
  2. a little malistaire statue
  3. a more decent table for a patio set
  4. a living room set that you can sit on the couch
  5. hi-tech furniture like stuff that looks like it's from valencia
if you can't do it all i'm fine with it like just one is ok i guess

romantic nicholas jones level 61 swashbuckler
fearless nicholas jones level 15 musketeer

Jul 26, 2009
Furniture items I'd like to see:
- Marleybone Crates (with the dog bone and crown symbol on side)
- Monquistan Crates (with banana crown symbol on side)
- More types of cups and mugs.
- Tea sets.
- Barrels like the ones in Marleybone.
- Stone walls (An example would be like cairn-esque; stacked stone like in appearance.)
- Bottle sets
- Food items and food carts.
- MB car.
- Water tower. (As seen in Cool Ranch).
- Krokotopian themed items.
- Rajah themed items.
- Armada Chest loaded with guns. (As seen in Armada Fortresses and Beachead).
- Marleybone War Golems.
- Marleybone War Golem in parts.
- Valencian Mechanical Birds in parts.
- Toolbox
- Wrenches
- Toolbox opened with tools inside.

All I got...for now. :-)

Captain Sam Laveer

Sep 19, 2012
Hi, i would like to have some of the cherry blossom trees and temple braziers that you have to light. The ones in the temple of the south wind, that you fix on wing chun's second promotion quest: South Wind Rising.

Dec 31, 2011
Maybe like W101 you can start hanging weapons on the walls again?

Jan 05, 2013
the musketeer class housing inside it or if it has 6 or more rooms.
that I would like to see or here.
and why you are asking?
(if you are.)
I am a swashbuckler fan & a witchdoctor fan!
but if there is more rooms I would go back to the drawing bode.
or less rooms I would also go back to the drawing bode.
but I do have the musketeer class housing as my desk top.

Jan 22, 2013
pets, interactive books, mannequin's, BEDS! we have zero actual beds that we can put in our house so for that dont cost crowns.a drawing pad maybe, so you know, we could draw on it and then we could hang it up in our house Aquila statues, stuff to make your house really feel like a home, interactive furniture and a life fountain (and yum yum floating around houses that have pvp) also some furniture from every world.

-jack nightgale armadas most wanted 42

Jul 26, 2009
I got more for you Mr. Ringo and it's all Aquila.

- Bowl with fish (as seen in Nova Aquila)
- Merchant stand with pottery (as seen in Ithaca)
- Merchant stand with fish hanging (as seen in Ithaca)
- Olive tree
- All the trees from Aquila
- Aquilan Bench (as seen in Nova Aquila, Ithaca)
- Aquila Candlestick (as seen in Illios, Eaglememmon's tent)
- Aquila furniture
- Aquila Busts
- Aquila Statues like the God statues and Medusa's victims
- Aquilan crate (with eagle on side.)

That's all for now. Have a nice day.

Captain Sam Laveer
Petnome Pirates

Aug 21, 2009
I want a toilet and a shower and bathtub. I also want all sorts of small items that I can put on my tables, bookshelves, dressers, etc. A Kleenex box, perfume containers, paper, pens, jewelry, little statuettes and charms, a tv, a radio, and appliances.

I also want all different types of interactive items, like the lamps you can turn on and off (interaction if fun for all).

May 30, 2010
  • I'd love to be able to get hold of some of those Marlybonean paintings.
  • Food. Food and table service and a decent table to put them on
  • Comfy chairs that are NOT covered in skulls. I'm a pirate, not a necromancer. And even my necromancer goes easy on the skull motif.
  • Statues are nice. Preferably not the ones that look like they were shaped from Play-doh.
  • food bowls for our pets.
  • A fishing hole, where I might catch a fish that swallowed a gold piece or a cheap, low-level trinket, but probably will only catch fish that I can then throw into a frying pan that sizzles.
  • weapon racks where I can put my weapons that I don't want to give up, but am not really using. (I'm looking at you, Invisible Swordsman's Sword!)