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Privateers underpowered?

Jun 23, 2011
First I want our opinion, do you think privateers are under powered and why Btw I'm a lvl 15 and I think we need more attack powers. Just my opinion. Plz reply

Jan 19, 2014
Privateers Underpowered? This must be opposite day on the forums.

Privateers are not underpowered. Far from it. The goal of a Privateer is letting your companions doing most of the work by enhancing them with buffs. Wait until you level up further and you'll see how much you transform your companions into demi-gods.

The Privateer only have one personal attack set ability(Gunnery, Artillery, The Big Guns) but you can make up for with farming bosses to earn yourself ability or epic-clothing. Level your character more and trust me, your opinion will change.

Feb 08, 2014
Under powered... Privateers, Never heard that before. You have buffs. Your buffs increase yours and your compainions. They do have a set line of attacks. Gunnery, Artillery, and the Big Guns. Don't forget to farm for gear/gear cards if you want more. Most people think privateers are over powered with all their buffs and the fact that the artillery set can reveal swashes.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Shadowsriker on Mar 7, 2014 wrote:
First I want our opinion, do you think privateers are under powered and why Btw I'm a lvl 15 and I think we need more attack powers. Just my opinion. Plz reply
Hi Shadowsriker, welcome to the message boards.
You will get more attack powers in time although it is good to remember the role of a privateer. You are more of a leader than a "Jumping into the fray" fighter. It is your job to encourage your crew and strengthen them and heal & protect them when needed. Your "Weapons" are your crew. You will get the most of any class and a wide variety of them and they will be real powerhouses that fight for you and protect you back so you can keep them going. You will get the chance to get gear with some awesome skills that you can use if you have a lull in the boosting, healing & protecting. By then the enemy has come to you and you can knock the stuffin's out of them just as an afterthought. As you grow you will realize how powerful you actually are. Shine through your crew and become an awesome crew instead of just an awesome captain. Check out the PvP threads and see who they complain about a lot, the privateers. They give them all sorts of fits because they can become an unstoppable force with the right strategy.
Hold your head high Privateer. You are a master of "Protecting Your Squishies" and are a force to be reckoned with.

Jul 27, 2012
I can sympathize, Shadowstriker, as I remember my low level privateer struggling too. I soon learned that while my natural instinct was to leap forward, a 'once more into the breach, dear friends' sort of person, that was not the way for my privateer to protect her friends -- or keep herself alive. She learned to hang back, buffing and healing as much as possible, and bring out the best in her companions and allies. Soon she was doing very well, though not a great fighter all on her own. But that is not the privateer's strength, after all. And for those the occasional fights where you have to fight solo? Use much the same strategy before going into the fray (and having a 'hide' around is nice to take a breather during the fight, heal some more, and strike with a bonus).

Gunner's Mate
May 28, 2013
Indeed, the one thing to realize is that Privateers are not Swashbucklers! If you are a jump first into battle kind of Pirate (who isn't), then a Privateer may not be the way to go. My Swashy gets all the cool multitasking attacks - my Musket boy gets to hit from afar - my Witchdoctor has the cool magic stuff to do - but my Privateer ends up with the mega buffs and heals. They all need to be played differently - and that what makes running more than one pirate lots of fun - because they're all different! The Privateer does have to hang back, especially for the first couple of rounds, to do the buffing, then he can attack later. Let the Companions earn their keep for a change.

Oct 25, 2012
Hmmm Privateer underpowered? That is new! Well I have a level 61 privateer and I have felt like that. Until I got the best buff ever. I cant remember its name but it boosts the critical chance. I'd like to see that Cutthroat see you then. Just keep working and use the strategies those guys gave you. But remember your weapon is your companions. (But don't waste crowns on them like I did)