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Should The Day Ever Come...

Oct 24, 2019
Should the day ever come that we see Pirate101 close it's doors, I have simply but one request for Kingsisle:

PLEASE transfer ALL of Pirate101's Assets in "some way" to Wizard101

Wizard Players who HAVEN'T played Pirate101 in larger lengths could witness the introductions of a variety of Pirate101 items/concepts including:
~Pirate101 Gear and Face Paint Aesthetics
~Pirate101 Houses and Housing Items (Safes, Flags, Tents, Structures, Cactuses, Statues, etc.)
~Pirate101 Pet Snacks
~Pirate101 Pets, Mounts, etc.
~Pirate101 Music (Valencia Part 2 onward, etc.)
~Smugglers Arena (Styled for Wizard101), Game Kiosks, and Party Room
~Ships, Ship Pieces, Ship Combat, Ship PvP
~Skyway Travelling
~Pet Sparring
~Pet Training (Including Pet Gears)
(It could be introduced as an alternative method, fairly for less XP than training your Pets via the Pet Pavilion, to training Pets, since Grub Guardian might not be around)
~Pirate101 Worlds re-engineered for Wizard101 (Skull Island, Monquista, Cool Ranch, Valencia, etc.)
(Monquista was cited as a World that "Nana" from Wizard101 could "travel" to:
~Pirate101 NPCs (Avery, Mordekai, Commodore, Ol' Fish Eye, Morgan Lafitte, Vadima, Bonnie Anne, Companions, Enemies, etc.)
(Boochbeard and Gandry are already featured in a Five BOXES event in Wizard101)
(It could be introduced as a new Gear piece for Wizard101 players that could buff Stats)

I'm not creating this post to see myself as a "Villain" to the hope and dreams that this community has for more Updates, I'm suggesting this to save the "Legacy" of Pirate101 if something was to ever happen and guarantee that the Game's Assets don't go to waste.

It'd seem so wasteful, gut-wrenching, and depressing to see all of this work and it's community go to waste.

I'm with you, Pirate101 community. Hopefully, the game gets more Updates. If not, use this Forum Post as a plea to Kingsisle to keep Pirate101's Legacy alive in some way.

Aug 04, 2019
I am with you all the way man, may p101 live long and be updated!

Apr 22, 2016
For all of us who play both games, if we could atleast transfer our items, pets, mounts, houses, ships, everything even if all we can do with it is place it in a castle I would atleast want something to remember it all, like my favorite pet I’ve had forever, Lord Boomer, I’ve also purchased many things with crowns, we all have. We should be able to take EVERYTHING. Even if all we can do is place outer ship in a bottle on a shelf, ride our mounts, place our loyal companions in our castles, I don’t want to see it all go away.

Oct 24, 2019
Adding onto this Post, I'll add some additional reasons why Kingsisle SHOULD consider adding Pirate101 Assets to Wizard101 should the day ever come that Pirate101 closes it's doors:

~Preexisting Assets that're transferred to Wizard101 would make it EASIER for the Developers to add content to Wizard101 as the Assets would've already been premade needing only simply tweaks and BOTH games using the same Game Engine, Gamebryo.

~Transferring NPCs from Pirate101 to Wizard101 could help add further context and possibly storyline development in Wizard101 as to why Boochbeard/Gandry are seen roaming around in Wizard101, including in the likes of the Five BOXES Event Dungeon that's based on Pirate101 and Boochbeard in the Thieves Den in Mirage. (I can only ASSUME he is in the Thieves Den in Mirage cause "Haha, get it? Pirating, Thieving?")
(Interesting to Note, if you approach Boochbeard in the Thieves Den, you can hear him talking to the NPC standing next to him. I wasn't listening to WHAT was said but Boochbeard's voice is distinguishable among the Crowd)

~Since reaching midgame on Pirate101, I've spoken with a number of individuals on what they'd think about Pirate101 assets being included on Wizard101. Most of the individuals spoken to said they WOULD like to see Pirate101 features and assets be included onto Wizard101, BUT not to see Asset Resources be saved to prevent excessive hours of work being done to make new assets but rather to KEEP THE MEMORIES ALIVE. This is similar to the previous poster's wishes that Wizard101 could host a sort of "Nostalgia House" for Players to access that has most of their Pirate101 belongings in it so that they can reflect on their adventures from Pirate101 on Wizard101.

(The responses and my desires ARE the same based on the context of what's been said and wished for as Pirate players are more blunt about keeping the Memories alive, while I'd like to have that AND save the Developers some headache from encountering a "Creative Block" by having them tap into a Game that might or might not see it's conclusion and keeping those Assets fresh in a game that is still continuing it's continuity.)

AGAIN, I'm not saying that Pirate101 "should" close as playing up to Midgame at this point, I can see why people love Pirate101 even with it's Battling Differences and Storyline Differences. I'm saying that Game Preservation is VITAL to keeping the memories of what we cherish alive and to allow us to at times relive those memories even if they're not from within the same game. Of course, I would love to see a new Pirate101 update as it'd be nice for me to reach the Current End of Pirate101 and be ready to explore a new Update that could come to Pirate101 and to add on to this many new Wizard101 players MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOW what Pirate101 is! Asset Preservation would allow Newer Players to have some experiences with what was once a part of Pirate101.

~Apart from Preservation, it ANNOYS me that Pirate101 has awesome Housing Items that Wizard101 has never seen. I'd go stomp some Troggy keister if I could have some Wizard101 Housing Items from Pirate101 like the Amphitheater Ruins, Carnival Canopy (Especially considering I'm making an In-Game Circus in my Wizard101 House), Hay Bale (Do you know how sad it is that I can't "imagine" to feed my Horses roaming around my House in Wizard101 because I can only give them "Hay Stacks" not Hay Bales?), Red Open Air Tent, Small Bison Totem, Shinx, Cool Ranch Landscape Painting, etc. SPEAKING OF...

~I'd love to see Cool Ranch be included as a World in Wizard101, even if it's just an extensive Instance Dungeon and not a full World. I've heard a lot of people disagree with this because the World is too "Western" and wouldn't fit in Wizard101. I DISAGREE.
How could it be too "Western" for Wizard101 when we can run around Worlds that have Ancient Greco-Roman Birds, British Dogs/Cats, Asian Pigs/Cows/Horses, Arabic Camels/Genies, Polar Bears/Penguins, etc.?
Wizard101 actually DOESNT have a Western Style world, unless you consider Wizard City "Western" but I feel as though Wizard City is more "Modern Western" than "Rootin-Tootin Western". Plus, Wizard101 doesn't have a lot of "Chicken NPCs" if any at all. I almost know for a fact that there is no Ducks and Female Horses in Dresses in Wizard101. The atmosphere, the dialect, the music, the enemies, etc. have all been really cool while playing them in Wizard101 so I can't see why they couldn't be added.

~I'm also OK with having Monquista and Valencia being a part of Wizard101.
Monquista could be an excellent context filler as to why Librarian Fitzhume gets so defensive on why he doesn't come from there and why he feels the Monsquistans are "grotesque". Valencia, HAS ALREADY been featured in Wizard101, albeit in 2 dungeons (One Housing Dungeon, One Instance Dungeon).

~I'm not sure how Skull Island could be a World on Wizard101 but it'd make an excellent Housing Dungeon or extensive Instance Dungeon. This'd also justify the inclusions of Skull Island NPCs, Concepts, etc. in Wizard101 along with the rest of the Worlds.

~Pirate101 has a LOT of Banana Pet Snacks and Pet Snacks in general, that'd be a great addition to Wizard101. It could come within a "Monsquistan Pack" or they could also be spliced into the generic "Pet Snack Pack" the game has too.

~The Concept of Pet Training Equipment would make for a unique means to Train your pets for more Stats bonuses than what the standard Pet Pavilion games provide. Perhaps even providing a permanent pet stat boost similar to how Spellements in Wizard101 provide permanent spell perk bonuses.

~The addition of Accessories and Totems would make for a good addition in Wizard101 by granting the Players even more Stat Bonuses OR could for the first time include NON-Stat Bonuses such as Additional Energy, Bonus Health/Mana from Wisps, Bonus Gold from Chests, Having Unique Traveling Particle Effects Behind Your Player, etc. Non-Stat Bonuses could just simply be "Abilities" that're granted to the Player for wearing Totems or Accessories. The addition of Accessories could also allow Players to finally wear Earrings, Beards, etc. with unique gaming bonuses.
(Yes, I understand that Wizard101 already allows Players to wear Face Paints and Glasses BUT I'd consider my suggestion "Gears w/ Bonuses" that you obtain and not just cosmetics)

~Ships can be added to Wizard101 as how they were intended in Pirate101 OR could be offered as a Side Activity where Players own Ships and duel with them against one another, like with Ship PvP. This could keep the memories of Pirate101 ships alive by breathing new life into them. You could even include the concept of owning a Ship as a quest justification where you'd need to take down an Enemy from the Skyway as they won't leave their ship or something. I remember Leah Ruben mentioning on a KI Live that they'd once considered letting Players "fly" in Wizard101 but that it was hard to come up with an idea for it or it was "impractical".
Here is your idea. We'd eagerly look forward to commanding Ships in Wizard101 to fly high in the Skies and take down some bad guys.

~There are some interesting Mounts from Pirate101 that could be creative for Wizard101. I'd love to climb on the back of a Transport Golem, Buffaloon, or Batacuda every once in a while. It'd even be better if they could come with Stat Bonuses like some mounts have in Wizard101. We could start a Buffaloon Party in the Commons!

~Pirate101 Henchman could be great as new Minion summons in Wizard101.
Whether they're awarded and usable after completing a Quest or obtaining TCs doesnt matter.
It'd just be nice to have some extra help around that shows off the clothing aesthetics and vibes Pirate101 has to offer. You could also have Pirate101 NPCs become Henchmen or Minions in Wizard101 keeping their helpful legacy alive.

~I'd love to have some Pets that Pirate101 has like the Skeletorus, Mara, Manticore, Razorback Hoggle, etc.
It'd provide more aesthetic flare that Pirate101 has in Wizard101. Imagine taking a Razorback Hoggle pet to Karamelle and having a good time. Nice, isn't it?

~It'd be nice to own the Houses that Pirate101 has in Wizard101 like Smuggler's Cove, Castaway's Refuge, Haunted Grotto, Commodore's Garrison, etc. More Spooky, City-Like, Pirate-Like vibes, etc, the better!

~Lots of Pirate101 Animations could be used in Wizard101 as well. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Healing Spell in Wizard101 that uses the Reinforce animation or even the Support Calls like Discipline, Espirit De Corps, etc. that could help produce Stat Boosts for your Teammates? The possibilities are endless!

Like I said, before I'm all for Pirate101 getting more updates and hope that something will come soon.
The game has been an enjoyable ride for me and in October 2022, it'll be Pirate101's 10th Anniversary. Pirate101's 8th Anniversary is in fact, next Month.
You don't get another 10 Year Anniversary for another 10 years if nothing happens, that'd be in 2032.
Hopefully Kingsisle will address everything and either continue Pirate101 or preserve all of it's legacy in Wizard101. Don't be shy to share this around and let Kingsisle know to do either or. I'd also be interested to hear from the Devs about everything I've mentioned (I'm OK with not getting a concrete answer about Pirate101's future, although some on this Forum might not be OK with that), especially since Bat Masterson is always lurking about. Thoughts?

Oct 24, 2019
Further adding onto this post, Ill add some additional reasons why Pirate101 assets should live on in Wizard101.
These are additional things that I'd forgot to add last time.

~Wizard101 already has a LOT of Music from Pirate101 that you can add to your Music Player in your Home but it's missing Valencia Part 2 music. It'd be nice to have a complete Music Set.

~It'd be nice to see some Enemies that're well known in Pirate101 appear in Wizard101 like Troggies, Drakes, Chickens, etc. The loot tables for these Enemies I'd imagine would be pretty cool!

~You could repurpose the Pirate101 Bundles for Wizard101 (Without the Companions). Imagine the high level stats on Gears from those Bundles! You could even reuse the Voodoo Lair and Watch Post from the Hoodoo/Admiral Bundles for Wizard101.

~You could also repurpose the Pirate101 Game Card pets for Wizard101. They could have really good stats and be great for Starter Wizards!

~Scrips could be repurposed as the new Arena Tickets for Wizard101. Kingsisle said they were looking for alternative options to the current game's Arena Tickets... Kingsisle would find a way to make Scrips unabusive, I'm sure.

~Perhaps we could see the Fast Combat system from Pirate101 be in Wizard101 but in limited areas? It'd fit best in places with Dungeons that take longer to complete. You could even set it to be unlockable only after you'd defeated the Dungeon at least Once.

~Group Plunder Chests should be added to Wizard101. Imagine finding a 4 Player Plunder Chest in Karamelle full of goodies for Wizards to own! Perhaps some exclusive items can be hidden inside the Chests.

~Pirate101's Puppet Shows would make for a funny and interactive experience in Wizard101. Imagine having Puppets explain why Malistaire is on a rampage or why Old Cob has up and taken Melori away.

~The Windstone and El Dorado Map sections could be repurposed for a Story Arc or World in Wizard101. Itd be nice to resource a Map for some lost treasure in Wizard101 or to look at our Windstones to determine where we can go in the Wizard101 skyways.

~It'd be nice to have the Kingsisle Icon on Wizard101 that shows us what the Member Benefit of the week is like there is on Pirate101. It'd make the guessing work so much easier when Kingsisle adds a new benefit.

~There should be Badges in Wizard101 that unlock unique Crown Shop items like there is in Pirate101. Imagine Gear Sets, Pets, Mounts, Housing Items, etc. being unlockable and cooler than anything thats on the Crown Shop at the time. Awesome!

~Wizards should be given Talents/Powers like in Pirate101. These could range from Bonus Class Damage, Bonus Class Accuracy, Bonus Pip Conversion, etc. and you could even have things unlockable like a Bonus % More Gold in Chests, Bonus % More Reagents in Chests, etc.

~The "Good Luck" Emote from Pirate101 should be added to Wizard101. I feel sad that I can't give myself Good Luck in Wizard101. Who knows, maybe doing that emote might give me some Luck!

~Treasures in Pirate101 should be added to Wizard101, allowing Players to sell them for High Amounts of Gold or to put them inside Houses. Money CAN make you happy!

~Various Pirate101 Menu Chat Phrases should be added to Wizard101. It'd give the Wizard101 Menu Chat system some flavor and finally let it be able to have a "Type and Search Phrase Bar" since there'd be so many Menu Chat phrases to contain it all on a Drop Down Menu System.

I'm sure by this point I've covered most if not all of Pirate101s assets and features that could be carried over to Wizard101 if the day should ever come that we say goodbye to Pirate101. If I can come up with more reasons for why this needs to happen, Ill post it below. Asset Preservation and Lessening Developer Stress/Creativity Issues is important to me so I stand dedicated to this post in hopes that it'll create a discussion between the Community and Development Team on what could be done about Pirate101's future.
Remember, don't be a stranger to this post and tell Kingsisle why this is a good idea for Pirate101's legacy to be added to Wizard101 when things won't work out but to also keep fighting for more updates for now on Pirate101.

Oct 24, 2019
It's now safe to justify my post with the inclusion of Falmea's topic on the future of Pirate101 right now:

I hope this'll motivate many of Pirate101's playerbase to share my post to Kingsisle and ask that the game live on in other ways even if it isn't likely to get storyline developments anytime soon.

Kingsisle can provide a HUGE service to the Pirate101 Players by featuring the game's contents on Wizard101 so that it can be immortalized and allow Players to see their favorite things live on in Wizard101. I believe that not all Pirate101 Players JUST play Pirate, I know some do, but this would be the least Kingsisle could do to say "Hey, we still remember you guys and thank you for all the support you gave us for this game so we hope you'll try out this game too and see your favorite things again in it" for those who haven't played Wizard101 yet.

Also to not make this JUST about Falmea's Post,
I recognize another couple things that can be transferred over to Wizard101
~Holiday Quests! It'd be nice to find Snowmen scattered about the Spiral and even some exposition provided about how Krampus came to be or perhaps some exposition on how different Worlds of the Spiral celebrate their Holidays.
~Holiday Ships/Companions/etc.! I'd love to see the Holiday Treant be an actual Enemy we could fight or an Ally that could help us in certain Worlds during the Holidays. Also it'd be cool to command the Beluga and Ghost Ships in Wizard101 as an extra kind of treat for those who adore what the Holiday Seasons have to offer.
Lastly, an idea more than it is something that could be transferrable...
Holiday Worlds!
Wouldn't it be cool to traverse through a World thats stuck on a particular Holiday all year round or only available during certain Holidays? Imagine fighting Enemies similar to Prince Yulefest, Yule Trogg, Mistle Toad, etc. in a Holiday Themed world and could give Krampus a more permanent home! Even a Spooky Halloween themed world could be nice featuring everyones favorite Ghouls, Skeletons, and Monsters to interact with and fight against. These Worlds can be developed quicker since Pirate101 would help attribute to some of it's inner workings and put less stress on the Developers on creating something more Original.

Jan 27, 2015
Personally this maybe selfish, but I wouldn't want Wizards to have any Pirate stuff unless they had an account with Pirate.

We should have something special that the wizards never get

Oct 24, 2019
In Search of Yum on Oct 19, 2020 wrote:
Personally this maybe selfish, but I wouldn't want Wizards to have any Pirate stuff unless they had an account with Pirate.

We should have something special that the wizards never get
Ill share a Tweet from an old friend to us all, J Todd Coleman, that shares a non-direct similarity to your post of how MMOs are unique and cease to be adapted or exist outside of their original, intended availability:


I'll take this moment to correct everyone on something that I feel he isn't specifically acknowledging.

Wizard101 does indeed ALREADY HAVE things transferred over from Pirate101 such as most of Pirate101's Music (except Valencia Part 2) being available and able to listen to through Housing Music Scrolls, Pirate101 Resembling Gear Aesthetics are available in the Pirate Nightmare Pack in Wizard101, Boochbeard/Gandry/Armada and Skull Island Mobs having cameos in dungeons and in the Worlds of the Spiral (Specifically, Mirage Thieves Den), among other things WITHOUT needing a Pirate101 character to access them so to say that anything from Pirate101 simply cannot exist in any variety or fashion in Wizard101 albeit with a Pirate101 character or not is incorrect and misleading to me.

Also, Pirate101 already shares a LARGE variety of similar system features and attainable items with Wizard101 such as the Gear, Mount, PvP, Pet, Housing, etc. Systems/Certain Items and both games were made with the SAME GAME ENGINE making transferring things simpler both on a creative idea level and in practice.
(I will willingly acknowledge that the in practice part might or might not be a realistic stretch as I can't say that it works for every game or engine software, etc. but I will attest to the fact that Kingsisle HAS put Pirate101 things into Wizard101 justifying a need for this defense)

I fully understand the bitterness that the playerbase feels with Falmeas post as this game was special to many and I myself share the sentiment of many that we always come to hate to say goodbye to the games/things we love...
(Take Disney's Toontown for example, I was very bitter to see it go but I always knew and had faith with the community's intense passion and determination that it could eventually live on in some way as it did happen when people made Servers and offshoots for it so not all of it was ever truly lost. It helps the community immensely when Game Development companies utiliize similar Game Engines for all of their games and people within those companies lend a hand to their dedicated fanbase to allow them to restore the games they once loved, regardless of legalities or a companys willing intent to let a game live on)
but I see this all from a business and opportunistic perspective to always look to the future like where the money is and will be, which game is more active and not, etc. and to always help Kingsisle see from an Active Player's perspective if whether the sustainability of their products like Pirate101 or Kingsisles Mobile Games is justifiable or not, as with more logical and in depth based communication, we all can help the company understand more of whats needed/unneeded and to help prevent them from paying for unneeded Server Costs, Production Costs, etc. as those Costs could go into something more meaningful like towards a game that is still largely more active or something more meaningful and worthwhile to the playerbase like new game features, security features, etc. that everyone would like.

Many of Pirate101s users HAVE cited variously that theyd rather see the game END than to tease the community with thin, vague and always changing vocabulary or to provide simply a "Final Update" that completes the Games Story without future updates but the conversation I'd always noticed has never ever turned to "With that, what do we all wanna do with everything of what once was Pirate101 should the day ever come that it doesnt exist anymore?", hence why this thread was created to help address that possibility and create an escape for Kingsisle to give them a literal path to take that people would come to embrace given it came with sound reasoning like I'm sharing with this post now and an avenue for Pirate Players to see what they've enjoyed live on in other ways so that we don't have to say goodbye permanently to everything we'd enjoyed and Kingsisle then throwing out and wasting valuable resources and their associated costs that it ever took to make those resources. Kingsisle needs more open eyes, open minds, and more voices to help them become the best business they can be and to help them become more productive with what they do as the consistent disgruntled behavior that I see out of the community constantly anymore on Twitter, the Forums, etc. like:

"Kingsisle/Developer is Bad (and/or) I don't like/want this or them (for doing this or that)
(Usually without providing enough in depth specifics or reasons as to why they're or what is so bad)
(This darker, more unmotivated and unwilling to reason side of the community then motivates a select some to then make Kingsisle Hate Spam accounts that cause unneeded stress for the Developers as they get hurled abusive hate for doing what theyre simply proud of with contributing to the community and making a fun and enjoyable game for everyone or accounts with people that have kliq-mentalities that disrupt the element of excitement/mystique/surprise of Kingsisles development with their Games and hurl insults at people and/or Developers when they're told what they're doing is harming the work of the Development Staff at Kingsisle by showing something that isn't ready for the Public and creating this warped "judge it and hate before you try it" perception within the community (Data Miners/Mod Makers/etc.))

ISNT HELPING and causes the Developers and people like myself to become more and more disenfranchised and disassociated with speaking to or working with the Community and/or even at most USING social media entirely or leaving Kingsisle's community as a whole. Negativity spreads like a wildfire and causes many to intentionally or not to become involved in such a mess and it creates long term problems for everyone, regardless if you're involved in the negativity or are a spectator or victim to negativity.

I feel with strong emotion that my duty is to actively assist, support and defend Kingsisle with my posts to help lessen their creative/outright stresses/concerns as well as provide them some deeply powerful insight into a Player's Mind and their Likes/Dislikes/Thoughts/Opinions/Foresight and pay them my money to always support what they do as a company no matter how dark the times ever get and utilize the Forums to the most of my permissioned capability for the Developers to gain ideas from those like me that will benefit NOT JUST the community but the company and their successful future with everything as well, etc.

I among many others would hate to ever see Kingsisle (Company, Community, Games, etc.) cease to exist because of the constant warring, toxicity and extreme differences between people within the community/development team, since all of us I feel have had so many powerful, enjoyable, and valuable memories with Kingsisle, it's community and their games over the years. Some of us have even paid good money to Kingsisle so we'd feel like our money would have went nowhere if Kingsisle simply ceased to exist because of all of the constant negativity, toxicity, attacking and lack of community unity. It's like its a shame if everything in Pirate101 or everything for that matter went to waste because people became disgruntled and wanted to harm the other half of the Community by telling them that they're not welcome to enjoy what they'd enjoyed and to actively seek to prohibit the continuation of that legacy on a game that those disgruntled players themselves COULD TRY AND RELIVE if they accepted to give the game a chance for it to show what it could do with those once existing features, items, systems, assets, etc.

Another now obvious but "closeted" reason for my thread which I imagine others could relate to if they gave it enough thought is I'd feel I'd have wasted my money on and could no longer emotionally invest/care about Pirate101's once existence, even in Fan Server or Offshoot form, if Pirate's Assets and Features weren't carried over to Wizard101 and simply just ceased to exist. As a person who sees that everything has a value no matter how small and everything can always be repurposed no matter how big or small, it'd just seem so neglectful and wasteful for the years and funds put into such an aesthetically beautiful game for it to just only go into a virtual trash bin never to see the light of day again, like why make a game if you intend to just erase it from history? Whats gonna happen to Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard, etc. if they just cease to exist? Where did they go? Where are they now? Can they not exist in Wizard101 "somehow"? Falmea exists, kinda in an artistic depiction form in Pirate101 as seen in her Forum Profile Icon so why can't everyone from Pirate exist in Wizard101 even in some minor way?
Like I said, I understand the anger and disgruntling but please look to the future and spare a thought about game preservation/conservation and for what it stands for, for everyone not just yourself.
The words I hope people will leave this post with is: Logical Foresight, Acceptable Necessity, Required and Badly Needed Unity and a Successful Future for EVERYONE
(Apologies if this post seems grammatically garbled since these posts take a looooooong time to make and there is a lot of raw emotion and determination behind it from me but hopefully the message and thoughts are clear enough to understand my rationale and justification for everything)

Mar 28, 2009
Should the day ever come -- while I applaud your enthusiasm and positivity -- I don't really think that the current management cares enough to do what you'd like.

Pirate101 continues to slip more and more out of the Kingsisle wheelhouse. No one remembers how to work with it, or update it, so digging through the data is going to seem more work than it is worth. As you say, they are looking to the bottom line, and what really would be the return on such an investment? Good will? That ship has sailed.

Oct 24, 2019
Halloween Chick on Oct 20, 2020 wrote:
Should the day ever come -- while I applaud your enthusiasm and positivity -- I don't really think that the current management cares enough to do what you'd like.

Pirate101 continues to slip more and more out of the Kingsisle wheelhouse. No one remembers how to work with it, or update it, so digging through the data is going to seem more work than it is worth. As you say, they are looking to the bottom line, and what really would be the return on such an investment? Good will? That ship has sailed.

1. Most of the development team was moved to Wizard101, they didnt just "forget how to work with it" since explain to me then why your game DOES receive smaller updates since the last time they'd advanced the story, post 2017?

2. They DO update it, they just dont make more new Worlds for it (right now). Disregarding small updates out of existence is just petty behavior to me and shouldnt be an excuse to slam an opposing persons thoughts and suggestions.

3. "Digging through the data seems like more work than its worth", then tell me how it was difficult for Kingsisle to put MOST OF ALL of Pirate101's music into Wizard101, sharing Gear Aesthetics from Pirate101 with Wizard101 in the Pirate Nightmare Pack, sharing Housing Items/Pets/Mounts/etc. with Pirate101 FROM Wizard101, and sharing Pirate101 NPC models with Wizard101 like Boochbeard, Gandry, Armada, etc. AFTER those mobs and characters first came out in Pirate101.

4. "I dont think the management cares enough to do what you'd like" Then why would someone greenlight my posts to show on the Forums, regardless of my sharp and clapback vocabulary within these response posts?!? That tells me someone in the development team is allowing the traction for my posts to be allowed since they see there isn't anything wrong with what Id suggested and what I'm correcting people on, as they're giving thought to what I say because they always have to read over what anyone says before its allowed on the Forums.

I will continue to abide to my motto of assist, support, and defend. However, this consistent pessimism from all of you in the Pirate101 community to not allow me a chance to reason to why I feel this is a good idea, also to reach Kingsisles attention with this and help save them valuable time/resources/etc., is the exact reason this particular game has the negativity associated with it that it has. My thoughts are right now that I can't continue to combat this pessimism since if thats what this community wants is for Pirate101 to just die eventually and not have its life continued on elsewhere then thats fine, but I feel its just extremely petty in the long run for everyone to hate a Wizard101 player's thoughts on trying to give your game a renewed life on our game, one that'd last longer in the long run. This also has begun to even further disenfranchise and demotivate me like I'd mentioned from working with the entire community, for both games even, because I keep running into this problem of unwilling individuals who won't see anything from a larger and open perspective.

Let me know if thats whats everyone thinks for Pirate101 is for it to not live on in any way, if so then Ill stop commenting here and wish your game the best of luck.

Mar 28, 2009
@JValhalla - I didn't "slam" your comments. What I said was that I applaud your positivity and enthusiasm. I agree that it IS very difficult to maintain positivity in the current state of the community. I tried to do that for MANY years while others bemoaned the lack of story updates and I believed the "stay tuned" rhetoric we've been hearing since the teams were merged.

The fact is that the assets like music, NPC's and other things like the "simultaneous release" Pirate Nightmare Pack had been moved over to Wizard101 years ago, when Polaris was added to Wizard101. There was a theory back then that Polaris was intended for Pirate101 and the entire world was switched over to Wizards by the powers-that-be. I don't know if that's ever been confirmed or proven, but it sounds true so people believe it. Ratbeard himself posted last year that he sat down and tried to get back into Pirate101 when he returned from the mobile team -- have you read this thread:

Any slamming being done is directed toward the those who tell us they "care" but do not demonstrate it, disappearing or going silent rather than actually following up on questions and participating here on the boards in any meaningful way.