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Things from Wizard's Update to add to Pirate101

May 30, 2009
As we know, The latest Wizard101 Test Realm Update came out a few days ago with a story expansion (sadly waiting for that Second Arc of Pirate101 to start impatiently here) And a few additions. So i liked some of the new additions that I'd like to see them being added for the next Pirate101 update if possible please:

1- Backpack Space Elixir: Imagine this elixir for crown players like us. 100 Extra Backpack space for 5k crowns would be really great! Specially for a game that has lots of loots and treasure items to keep in our backpack like Pirate101

2- Realm Locking: It can be annoying at times when realm avery switches you from Area 1 to Area 2 due to how full it is area 1 in some zones in game such as the spar chamber or morphing tent.

3-Bank Increase to 150 instead of 100: I'd like to see this increase from the Wizard Update to happen in the Pirate101 update pretty please. They're simple 3 requests from the Wizard latest update that I'd like to see them being added into Pirate101. (Including Backpack Item Locking and Pet Feeding if i'm not asking for too much).