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what would you create?

Jul 21, 2013
Hello everyone! I started this thread to find out what kind of power you would create if you could make any power you can imagine, and it would be put in the game! It can be a follow up power to a currently running line of powers, or a brand new one! It can be a talent, or an epic! But please try not to make it overpowered. I'll start off.

1. ballet of steel: x1 damage, hits all adjacent enemies, plus one more square out. Gives -25%accuracy to all enemies. The animation would be the swash somewhat kneeling down like when you do a critical with a sword and shield, then leaping into the air spinning, and then throwing daggers at all the enemies further out.

2.poisoned blades: one square further than the hurl blades power, and gives x1 poisoned and bleeding for two turns.

3.swordsman's blow: x4 damage plus bleeding.(kinda boring, I know)

4. first strike tier 4. same as it's predecessor but gives -25% accuracy.

And those are my powers(they're all swashbuckler because swashies need improving since Aquila and I don't know buccaneers very well)! Hope you like them and you post yours here!

Nov 03, 2012
Hello Everybody. This is from another of my posts. Seemed to fit this thread so here you go:

: Watchtower: Using this power doubles the range of the pirate. Either running or shooting range. I think it should look like a tall and skinny fort with your pirate at the top. The fort would have 500 life until it breaks.

: Cannon Shot: This is a shot that has unlimited range. (Keeping obstacles in mind.) Animation would be a cannon with you sitting on top and lighting the string.

: Bull charge: With this power the pirate would be able too run through enemies without triggering epics like overwatch or repel boarders. Also fire or traps would't hurt the pirate. It would just look like a bull over the pirates head.

: Blind Rage: This power is a x3 attack and does -25% accuracy and -25% dodge. After use player also gains x2 range for two rounds. Animation would be the pirate having a reddish hue and a reddish corona around the pirate.

: Last Stand: It gives everyone spirit shield but it would only last 500 damage. Looks like spirit shield but for everybody.

: Calvary: A 3x1 wave of marleybonians on horses comes across the board and run through the enemy dealing around 500 damage. Unlimited range. Animation is just like I said.

: Wall of Hoodo: It would be a wall of black smoke all across the board or between two obstacles. When companions or pirate run into they lose life. Lasts 5 rounds.

Rain of Hoodo: Black smoke falls from the sky onto the battle board dealing 700 damage each. However it is random and the pirate has to hope to get lucky. Around 7 hoodo rain drops fall.

: Smoke Bomb: When the pirate uses this it would temporarily blind enemy players. It would look like the pirate throwing little bombs and they start giving off smoke.Then the victims can't move for two rounds.

: Lucky Shot: The pirate throws one knife across the board at ONE selected target. Deals around 200-300 damage.

Hope you like my ideas.

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
for privateers

able to place on any team member or pet like a shield
any attacks to the protected pirate rebound back onto enemy x2, for 3 rounds
visual affect-a translucent cone covers the pirate
-as attack is administered the cone absorbs it, transforms the attack into a hammer and bonks the enemy in the head(ettin style) leaving twinkling little stars as the damage is accessed and deducted
-continues to work as relentless, riposte, first strike ect take place

ugly hope leech

Jun 02, 2013
For musketeers the gun of life it shoots the enemy taking some health then the bullet returns and melts in your hand giving you health
For buccaneers giants fury you have better accuracy health armor and strength

Gunner's Mate
May 13, 2009
Musketeer power: Recoil Shot: 1X damage to large area(similar to Bonnie Annie's special shot),and move back one square(if possible). Physics wise, the amount of momentum that leaves the gun is the same amount of momentum that the gun feels. In other words, if the shot is strong, the recoil would be strong, moving you back a square.

Jun 02, 2013
Weapon hurricane you spin your weapon in the air you need a weapon that uses strength for this and the enemies around you are hit and lose 20% accuracy its good against musketeers if your surrounded by nausicas this is for

Jul 21, 2013
I just thought of another epic!

. distracting: plus 10% dodge to adjacent allies.

Realistically, with all our fancy spins and flips, it would be pretty hard to focus on anything else.

I was going to make it 25%, but I think that would be to OP as an epic.

hope you like it!

Jun 02, 2013
For dark cloud its like strap walking into damages the enemy and reduces damage done to caster by 15%

Petty Officer
Apr 15, 2010
Helping Hand

if two crew mates are standing next to each other and one gets hit then the one who wasn't attacked attacks the attacker like (why you hurt my friend slice yes i know that's an epic but i think it would be a cool epic)

Kai sawkins

Feb 08, 2014
Any power? This is a summoning power that deals with minions. Well also an epic.

First: Juggernaut army. Summons three juggernaut skeletons (Better minion)

Second: One mind Lets you have the option to choose to control up to 3 minions (Witch doctor thing obuisly)

Lv14 Dark Xasiver Nightingale