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Why on earth are housing items ultra-rare

Dec 22, 2008
Hi! So i just bought like 20,000 worth of Ashes of the Armada packs and was getting like a weapon every pack and kept going in the hopes of getting a Lucky Blauble or a companion. So I just bought a pack today and got an Ultra-Rare item, which is the same rarity as a super rare weapon or companion, and instead of that it was a Krok obelisk. This just seems extremely unfair.

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I never got a companion or lucky blauble either in all of the packs I opened, so you're not alone.

To me, the rarity of the housing items in any pack is purely subjective, and their labeling is scattershot. The Pirate101 wiki doesn't track the rarity of housing items, probably for that reason. Most people get tons of the housing items because they are actually wanting the gear.

If only we had some sort of way that players who decorate their pirate castles could show them off to other players?