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Would Porting To Group Members Be A Good Idea?

Jun 10, 2013
One thing that gets on my nerves sometimes is when I am in a group with someone in Avery's Court who wants to run Kane or Moo and I don't have the ability to port to them without adding them. Most of these people I wouldn't want as a game friend, but I do wish I had the ability to port to them if they are in my group. Perhaps Ki could make an option that you can turn on and off that allows people in your group to port to you.

Any thoughts on this?

Oct 26, 2012
Yes. This is especially helpful for me as I have excess friends and have to annoyingly delete 50+ to add new ones. I fully support this.

I recommend using the normal port button for this (rather than adding a second port button). Port settings should then be modified with these options:
-No ports allowed (already in game)
-Friends allowed (already in game)
-Group Members Allowed (new)
-Friends and group allowed (new)

Before someone says use the ledger, a lot of help requests are non dungeons like ship battles, defeating buffaloons or centaurs etc

Oct 27, 2009
I like this idea. It's a good point about being able to port to someone to help them with a ship combat. I'd hate to have to delete a nice and chatty friend I've had for a while, even if I hadn't seen them recently, just to help someone who needs help with one thing, and then takes off. I still do like to help those people, when I can, and am free. So far, I mostly use group when I have a few friends on, who are all talking to me, from different places, to simplify the chat. This would give me another reason to use group. I can also see myself on the other side of this, getting easier help for my little pirate, for ship quests, from pirates with full lists.

Sep 19, 2012

stormy jen silver