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Just for fun: character leveling

Aug 17, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have been busy leveling my characters up one at a time, and have called myself pretty good at pve. However, I just would like to test my abilities in pvp. Breakdown (you may skip this):

70- My main character atm, I've played him the longest (since I started).
I have pvped quite a bit on him, and know "basic" strategy for counters to classes.

70- My character I just made for fun, but eventually redid the storyline (pretty recently)
I have done 1 pvp match (yesterday) on this character. Against a privateer, and I lost. I have no strategy for swash pvp XD.

57- My current character,
I can most likely handle myself well in pvp for this level, but idk....

So anyway:
I would just like to have some fun with pvp, not ranked, if anyone is interested please meet:
Spar Chamber:
REALM: Deacon
4/27/20 - 4pm EST
4/28/20 - 3pm EST

Crafty Nathaniel Walker
Clever Edward Walker
Nathaniel Walker