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Building Lesser Companions: Who should be improved?

Mar 28, 2009
Silver Angel on Apr 12, 2021 wrote:
Yes! :)

There's actually an enemy like that, some rat that throws knives ... but no such companion :(
A Wharf Rat Rake companion would be a very interesting addition.

Petty Officer
Nov 10, 2013
Definitely the Shark Pirate from the cutthroat bundle and Fin Dorsal. These guys are severe pushover as buck companions.

Shark Pirate only gets 5 epics (Compared to other bundle companion's 6),starts off with a really bad epic (Cheap shot 1), only gets an epic strike and it doesn't get upgraded to a super, and on top of that he is exclusive the the cutthroat bundle which is 40$ (The bundle also comes with bad gear and a outclassed ship though the house is nice)

Give Shark Pirate 6 Epics
Each promotion his critical hit is promoted (He gets 2 promos so at final promotion he gets his super)
Give access to cheap shot 3, Despite having access to cheap shot 1 he cant get it past rank 2.

At final promotion gets scent 1 (Sharks actually have a very keen sense of smell so it makes sense and should allow Shark pirate to stand out compared to other buccaneer companions)

Fin Dorsal while not as bad compared to Shark Pirate he still is a lackluster buccaneer companion. He gets 6 epic talents and starts off with a meh epic (Repel 1) but the problem is that just like Shark Pirate he only gets an epic strike and it doesn't upgrade to super. on top of that most buccaneers get tide 2 but fin only gets tide one. and icing on the cake is that despite getting repel 1 at the start he can't upgrade it past repel 2.

Fin Starts off with super strike when you recruit him
can learn repel 3
on promotion he gains tide 2

On recruiting he starts out with walk in shadows and upon promoting he gains walk in darkness. This references the line: "Last, don't fight me in the dark. The dark is where I shine" (This is said right before you fight him for the first time in the temple of gloom) having a hide would make fin the only buccaneer companion to have hide.

Oct 18, 2014
Lookit Light on Apr 12, 2021 wrote:
Oh, hello! Haven't seen you since 2019!

Maybe that could happen, but I'm not sure. Nonetheless, it can't be denied that these odd styled of Companions (Ranged Privateers, melee Witchdoctors, etc.) are rather interesting. Some of them are even quite steller, just look at Emmet.

I've seen others mention the Weasel Gambler as well. Seems everybody secretly likes this little fellow, so it would be just lovely if we could see him get better.
It's good to be back again. The promise of new content has led me back to the Skyways once more. To elaborate on what I said before: I think that instead of making the Weasel Gambler yet another generic Musketeer outclassed by Bonnie, he could remain short-ranged and with few epics, but now he too is a Swashbuckler to make up for that lack of range. Slap on a few Swashbuckler powers like Shadowdance that could tie into his whole 'gambler' theme and you've got a companion that can counter Musketeers with proper positioning. Maybe even give him Return Fire.