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Falmea Friday 10-21-16

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Of all the wonderful moments spent playing P101, I'd say that my most endearing moment came outside of the actual game play. It's actually more of a culmination of "moments", I suppose. To sum them up I guess you could say that my favorite moment is when I discovered the P101 Community and came to the realization that this wondrous game has touched so many lives-- lives of all ages, makes, models, interests and from all walks of life.

I've met so many players throughout my journeys in the Spiral. Players who have lost loved ones and dear pets. Pirates who have suffered from/through depression and bullying. People who daily deal with chronic pain and illness. Individuals who have seemed lost in life and are unsure of their place in this vast world. All of these players have shared one thing in common: the joy and healing that Pirate101 and the Community has brought to them. And I consider all of them my friends, that have battled both life and the Armada- together, have overcome so much on Earth and in the Spiral- together, and have forever been blessed by embarking on this fantastic and healing adventure...together!

Being a part of this experience has encouraged me to recreate and go after dreams of mine-- dreams that may have otherwise been left high on a shelf...still collecting dust.

And for all of this, I thank you.

Feb 14, 2011
For anyone other than me that had/has no idea what happened to this thread and whom actually won the mask, refer to this thread where they announce the winner:

Thank you so much, KI Support, for getting back to my email and letting me know what's up. I was confused all last month and then some. You guys rock!