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Falmea Friday 7-22-16

My dear Pirates,

I'm happy that my journeys were able to land me here once again to talk to my Pirate friends. Hello! I hope you're well and rich with treasure, as always.

I'm thrilled that we've been able to let everyone set sail into Valencia 2 for about a month now! We've seen a lot of new and returning eye-patch-clad faces we haven't seen in a while, and that's always exciting. Welcome, or welcome back! It's great to have you either way! ::grin::

Amidst the warm reception for Valencia 2 has been the talk of what's next? In fact, I just stepped out of a meeting this afternoon (of which there have been many before), setting our course, charting our map, and picking the direction(s) in which to sail. We've got some REALLY COOL ideas floating around, and while I'd like to share them with you, it's just too soon. Dreams become goals, goals become plans, and plans start to become action. We're somewhere in stage two right now, but three should start very soon.

So, with that in mind, we're always trying to keep an ear on what the community is asking for, and oblige whenever possible. So, in that light, we'd like to ask you this - beyond storyline content updates**, what is the one thing you'd most like to see in Pirate101? Big or small. Skyway's the limit!

**We are asking about things BESIDES new storyline updates because we're already talking about what's next there too and we KNOW you want those. Blind Mew has been in my office a lot, talking me through some things. Sounds like lot of fun. ::grin::**

On that note, I must shove off and set sail again, but I'm looking forward to seeing your responses!

Jun 08, 2012
I'd definitely like to see more great companions, especially some more musketeers :P Though being a Musketeer myself I suppose I'm a little bit biased XD

Dec 27, 2015
I RARELY post in the message boards, but this post was just the thing I needed to get me to start posting. First off, THANK YOU for this. You have no idea how relieving it is to know you are going to work on more content for us.

As for the features I'd like to see, I'm definitely going to have to say fishing, because what's a pirate game without fishing? We also need more housing options for the game. New decor and houses would be great. We also need a quick sell option for your backpack like in wizard101, because having to sell/trash one by one can be a hassle. Lastly, we need new pets. That would be all and thank you for reading!

Community Leader
-Team Up Kiosk
-PvP Tournaments (Ship, Pet, Character PvP)
-Quest Finder (Credit to Vanessa Mythdust. Just had to say that I agree with her!!!)
-Mount System. Would love to put my mounts to work like companions do in the companion tasks. (W101 needs this too)
-Fishing (PLEASE!!!)
-Crafting. Would love to craft houses and furniture, even gears. I had an idea. Not sure if it's dumb but, I'd love to be able to craft eyepatches. Have a similar system like the ship flag. Choose our own pattern, add colors, etc etc. Make unique ones. Not sure.
-Item Lock. We need this desperately!
Well, can't think of anything else. OH WAIT. Alchemy! Would love to be able to craft yum or potions!

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Petty Officer
Dec 31, 2009
#1 Item lock, I can not tell you how many times I have sold something accidentally.
#2 Equipment sets, changing from questing to pvp gear can be a pain and easy to forget 1 item, like going in with the wrong pet. Would be ideal if your power setup saved with it, but just gear would be nice too.
#3 Some kind of storage, no auction gear is useful for so many levels banks and shared banks really clog up fast.

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
Can't choose just one - there are SO many ideas:

A side activity besides companion tasks that will be worth logging in for, such as Crafting or Fishing.

Quest Finder and Team Up Kiosk would be awesome. Or a "Job Board" where we could choose a short quest/task to help a lower-level pirate (Hey - it worked in Toontown!) complete a quest and possibly earn some Scrip for doing it.

Advanced Tutorials regarding Companion Management, Nautical Battle, Using Practice Points and other areas where new players are finding things difficult to pick up.

Somewhere to sell/buy Doubloons.

Either a House Life Fountain or Red and Blue Yum at our houses.

A side world with limited time quests (like the B.O.X.E.S. or Lost Pages) where we could earn Scrip.

Oh, yes -- more ways to earn Scrip would be nice.

Sep 04, 2013
Team up kiosk needs to happen.
Aside from that Blind Mew mentioned how some stuff got cut from Valencia 2, maybe a little bit of it could be brought back in the form of a gauntlet, we could use some more stuff to farm in Valencia.
It's also been quite a while since we have seen a bundle. Seems like a good time for a Valencia themed bundle to come out.

Jun 12, 2016
Kelsey Fireheart on Jul 23, 2016 wrote:
-Team Up Kiosk
-PvP Tournaments (Ship, Pet, Character PvP)
-Quest Finder (Credit to Vanessa Mythdust. Just had to say that I agree with her!!!)
-Mount System. Would love to put my mounts to work like companions do in the companion tasks. (W101 needs this too)
-Fishing (PLEASE!!!)
-Crafting. Would love to craft houses and furniture, even gears. I had an idea. Not sure if it's dumb but, I'd love to be able to craft eyepatches. Have a similar system like the ship flag. Choose our own pattern, add colors, etc etc. Make unique ones. Not sure.
-Item Lock. We need this desperately!
Well, can't think of anything else. OH WAIT. Alchemy! Would love to be able to craft yum or potions!
First, what is "Team Up Kiosk"?

Second, Fishing? Crafting? Alchemy? What? You can only fish with magic thing-a-ma-joos. Pirates may have fished in real life, but this is the spiral. Crafting is plausible, but isn't alchemy a wizard thing?

Third, why do we need a mount system when you can put them in your house? And why put your companions in jobs when you can do it with mounts?

I guess that's it, really.

However, IDK what I'd want to add, and I haven't even got that far (my furthest character is a level 24 witchdoctor).

Oct 01, 2012
I agree with Kelsey, especially crafting and item lock.
-Could be wrong but i dont believe we had quick sell? That.
-More packs! We have only one pack that gives battle armor compared to wizard which has more then plenty. Maybe one for Halloween or Christmas?
-Wouldn't mind daily assignments
-Fishing? i always felt strange it didn't exist in this game first instead.. with pirates and ship it felt obvious. Maybe a different style of fishing instead of wizard, fishing on the skyway somehow instead of water we come across? if it were possible.
- Houses based off of worlds + Housing tours, honestly when i joined pirate after wizard i was impressed with the detail in the gold/crown shop houses they felt as big as bundle houses. Plus there is a lot of neat furniture in the game, i really wish i could tour.

I can't think of much else.. I'm glad you guys made this thread, i'm exciting to see what new will come! This game quickly became my favorite mmo

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
All I can ask for that isn't already covered is a form of gem socketing, or at least a more pirate-y version of that. Maybe crystals, like those found in the Valley of the Gold Monkey, or gears that fit into the items. Pet socketing, too, of course. Thanks!

Aug 10, 2010
Bosses like w101 that use keys would be neat with epic gear for different pirate lvls. Use something to unlock these bosses obviously not keys but something else. I also like the idea of making gear and equipment, ships included. Special powers designed for the different pirate classes that require quests not necessarily more clandestine trainers. Maybe the clandestine trainers could have specific quests for specific pirate classes. Could improve the pets you get from brawlin hall so the powers and talents they learn are better suited for the class pet they are, I mean really, they do cost scrip and still learn worthless powers and talents. Makes people not want to waste the scrip. Definitely improve the pets and items you get in the black market. Think about it, this is the black market we're talking about and that pet is more or less worthless. Some of the items are ok but could also definitely use improvements. Add powers or bonuses not just one change. Feel free to respond. Ty

Sep 06, 2010
Would love to see the "team up!" option for the Pirate's Regatta (the nautical gauntlet) hold out until a full four-person team is queued up (like it does for the Tower of Moo Manchu).

Sep 21, 2014
Everything Kelsey said! And..
~Addons to Valencia Part 2 Asap. Valencia city and that jazz)
~ More Marks!
~(This is a huge one) the ability to play Pirate101 on any mobile device, as crazy as it sounds, it seems awesome. I don't know if it is possible though.
~More companion promotions for some memorable ones we've had along the years such as
- hawkules


Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Crafting, aye, crafting - I have been waiting forever for it ( or, at least two years ) Make it BIG, not just gear or houses but ship gear & ships!
Give us a way to display all that gorgeous boss gear we've farmed so hard for - let's get it out of our banks and into our houses/walls that we can show off to our friends!

Jan 23, 2011
I think that Crafting, Fishing, more Packs and Bundles, more dungeons like The 4 Dungeons, and events like the Lost Pages and 5 Boxes should be added to Pirate101. Crafting would make people go back through the game to gather reagents and other crafting materials to finish the crafting quest, some people might even make new characters and do the quest lines again. Fishing would also get people to go back to previous places they've quested in so they can collect all the fish. Adding in more packs and bundles would get people interested in the new gear and companions they have to offer just like adding in more dungeons and events would get people interested in farming for gear and other cool items.

Smart Steven Ovingham
Fearless Chase Ovingham
Kyle Ovingham
Fiery Warwick Ovingham
Sarcastic Andy Ovingham

Jun 02, 2013
If the art department isn't too busy I would love for overdue promotions to be given

There are a lot of companions which would benefit and become more viable from promotions

And a promotion is to everyone's taste, you cannot go wrong with creating a gold promotion, all pirates love promotions for their beloved crew

Aug 21, 2012
- Marleybone Car Mount for Crown Shop
- New Gauntlet (Cool Ranch or Marleybone themed!)
- Quick Sell (Sell from inventory)

- Friend List Improvements (Cap increase, sorting, etc)
- Chat Improvements (Tabs for different outputs, filtering)
- Team Up Kiosk
- Paid promotions for various non-main characters that already have artwork (We do get a few of these each patch, which is really nice!)
- Granting an active ability or two (previously existing) to all companions that have none/just critical to put them closer in line with other companions (Ex. Give Neko a hide ability, give Lefty a sniper shot, give Black Angus a buccaneer charge)
- Hair Styles for Crown Shop
- Piles of Gold in Crown Shop for gold purchase - great for purchasing on a whim when your gold max is near full so you don't have to go to housing vendors across the Spiral.
- Dailies System / Other repeatable content
- Auxiliary systems like crafting or fishing
- Have all companions have the same talent points to give the less-popular companions more worth
- New Crown Shop companions
- Fix for team-up when you have a full team

I included some above that would be additional revenue streams as well as good for players.


Feb 11, 2010
Glad to hear there's action once again behind the scenes! I'm relieved I won't have to wait 3 years for story.....

Here are some things, besides story stuff, I'd like to see:

-All or at least most bugs, glitches, and lag fixed.
-More housing stuff, and world-themed houses and vendors that sell houses in each world.
-More hairstyles! Also dyeable hairstyles.
-More side quests, preferably in Valencia. Maybe add some of the scrapped Valencia side quests in soon?
-Team up kiosk is a very requested feature and I also think it'd be a good thing to put into Pirate101.
-Something new, that's NOT in Wizard101. A new concept of something, anything, that's new and fresh.
-A new bundle would be a good idea. We haven't gotten a new one in a looooooong time.
-A music box for the houses.

Also: I have not seen an advertisement for Pirate101 on TV since 2014. The best way to reach out to players is advertising. The existing commercials are really good, and they should be airing. Wizard101 ones still do.

That is all.

Sep 21, 2013
I second the Team Up Kiosk. I love that feature in W101, and with maxed pirates who have already finished Valencia 2, I'd love to go around helping smaller pirates, but it would sure be helpful to know where they are needing help! With the skyways being as extensive as they are, it's nearly impossible to stumble upon a small pirate needing help with a dungeon.

I also agree with the crafting and fishing.

Gardening! I love gardening in W101 and would love to see it in P101. Maybe we could garden for doubloons and pet gear?

Dec 15, 2009
I would truly like to see some sort of companion sorter option to be implemented into the game. For example, sort by level, or class etc. This can help me set up and organize my companion choices. Also, it would be amazing to have more packs and/or pack sale.

Nov 11, 2008
A weapon smith:

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the concept of weapon enchanting from other games. Players go to an NPC, where they can enhance their weapons with unique properties. There is typically some risk involved.
I think a similar feature would be perfect in Pirate101. Players could pay large amounts of Gold or even Scrip (just please not Crowns) to enhance their weapons. This would encourage player diversity and help to cater weapons to a player's playstyle. Here are some of my weapon enchantment ideas:
Ability to change the stat (i.e. Strength, Agility, Will) a weapon usesAbility to add small amounts of Armor PierceAbility to add small amounts of ArmorAbility to add small amounts of extra damageAbility to slightly increase the amount of rangeAbility to add (or take away) a power or epic talent
Obviously players would not be allowed to upgrade their weapons with all of the above, but perhaps just one or two per weapon.

PLEASE!! (If not, at least make more melee weapons will-based. My Privateer needs this.)

Nov 11, 2008
Witchdoctor companion improvements!

Witchdoctor companions are currently underpowered when compared to companions of other classes. Below are my suggestions to give Witchdoctor companions more power when in combat.
Remove the "Fizzle." This is not Wizard101, Witchdoctors are not wizards, and, regardless of whether true or not, the "Fizzle" creates the impression that Witchdoctors must pass two accuracy barriers--the "Fizzle" and the oppoent's dodge--in order to get a hit in. Witchdoctor companions should simply have their accuracy matched against the oppoent's dodge, like any other class does.Witchdoctor companions currently have nothing to make up for their low amount of health, damage, accuracy, dodge, and range. They need to be buffed in one or more of these areas.Most Witchdoctor companions cannot train Mojo Rising. This is a major disadvantage when compared to all other classes, which can train either Bladestorm or Double Tap is most cases, and rips from Witchdoctors the ability to have chain hits. Make Mojo Rising trainable on more Witchdoctor companions, especially major ones such as Old Scratch, Mormo, and Carcarius.Give Witchdoctors a Guaranteed Critical Strike card. Witchdoctor companions currently only have spells or summons, which cannot activate epic talents such as Relentless. This is a major disadvantage considering one must sacrifice the opportunity for a chain of hits in exchange for a single spell.

Jan 07, 2013
  • This isn't really that much but a bigger Monquista castle for the "King and Queen". Stepping into the castle to meet the Royal Highnesses had a little lackluster as the room itself was so small (even regarding the fact that they're monkeys). I felt the castle where we first bring Gortez to should be much grander. The King and Queen live(d) there, after all .
  • Pirates in/around each class HQ "training". These would be like the ghosts in Miranda, purely for visual aesthetic. For example. around the doors/inside to the Buccaneer's Den, you'd see young pirates practicing smashing training dummies with axes/swords. In the Musketeer's Roost you'd see pirates learning to aim or reload (all in animations that don't require sound). I think this would add some nice quality to the experience of Skull Island, it'd look really cool too .
  • Chests hidden like in W101, bigger chests contain more gold (here we just have normal wooden chests)
  • Lastly, more variety in the color our weapons give off when we swing them

Petty Officer
May 13, 2010
THANK YOU Falmea for delivering such great news!!

Below is my list of things that would be nice to see.

- More/new bundles
- Two person mounts
- Ship PvP
- Crafting

Petty Officer
May 13, 2010
I forgot something from my previous posting. After sending a companion for a new order at one time my companions would automatically be reissued the task when collected. I thought it may be a glitch but did not say anything because I loved it. After the update the feature went away. Having the companions tasks automatically re-issued made it much easier when you have a lot of companions. Could you please bring that back as a permanent feature with companion tasks.