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Falmea Friday - New Years Traditions

May 30, 2010
I'd see a new story arc, with at least 3 new worlds and a new bundle and even a new pack for PIRATE101 and NOT for wizard101. For a change.

Well, in a perfect world. In the world we get, I'd like to see a little more side content, since we all know full well you aren't going to bother to give us any more story.

Could you at least increase the gold limit another 100K? Surely that's minor enough to grant unloved pirates?

Jan 27, 2015
I think continuing the story of pirate would be my number one request - with at least one new world, and follow on worlds to come out in some assigned patterned. I think KI has to agree the pirate population has been very patient and deserves to be rewarded

I would love to see more housing items available as well as more houses offered by each world that is stylized by that world

Different style of outfits.. While there is a lot of gear in pirate, almost all of the gear looks the same. Trying to appease the inner fashionista of a pirates heart is hard on this end of the spiral. Females should have more dress options. In a corollary, some of the robes (alot of buc robes specifically) have armor or parts of the clothes that are not able to be colored. Would be nice if we had some option for these areas also (example the armor could be silver/ copper/ gold/ white)

Ability to have hair with stats instead of always wearing a hat.

Multiple person mounts - 2, 3 and 4 person mounts.

I know we are pirates and not wizards so while castle magic may seem not quite correct, housing items should be made to look like we could use them not a chair looking like a doll chair next to a couch.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Ok, more thoughts about changes on the way.

9. About the storyline centered on stopping a jailbreak on Fort McMurtry from Jim Masterson in Book 10, from "Flown the Coop" to "The Ringleader", it's very lackluster and uninteresting. I can only say that this storyline would have been made better as a follow-up to a side quest storyline we've done before, about Ben Jolly and his sons' troubles from "Not Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Stingers" up to "Justice, My Foote!", since him and Corporal Sanders recognizing us truly doesn't have anything to do with the main storyline. Even Captain Foote's own exposition is lackluster for a main storyline quest, where it should be side quest material. Professor Falmea, I ask you this request, separate that storyline into it's own follow-up to that side questline I told you about, along with reworking that part of Book 10 into a new storyline that is more fitting with Captain Blood's ravaging attacks on Haunted Skyway, and include some exposition about that Skyway itself. Please do so.

10. The instance quest, "Crypt of Consequence", should really be extended like particular past quests that were very short before the updates came in. There's a little story matter from Book 13 that remains unsolved. Who was behind the haunting of St. Fido's, the church's Bloodbat infestation, & the Heart of the Incal's Theft? I asked Blind Mew about that years ago in Story Thread 3, who said that may be revisited someday, but that's yet to be done. Not sure if you knew, Professor Falmea, but the link I placed in should get you up to speed. Nevertheless, I really hope that gets done someday. Please do so. I know a lot want P101's story to keep going forward, but even we must make some time to go back and solve matters not tended time to time.

I could include more, but I got to stop here now. More to come soon.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Whoops! I nearly forgot!

11. I really enjoyed Manny's questline, but I feel our talisman retrieval task should be a bit longer. There should be a few new quests between "The City that Time Forgot" & "Out of Time's Abyss" that have us collect more talismans within Xol Akmul, and have a little involvement with The Armada, who should be there, excavating artifacts for Kane, of which we must stop a branch of 'em before they worsen the Aztecosaurs' problems. It's one reason that the Armada disturbed some dark forces beneath Xol Akmul, and their meddling caused some Aztecosaurs to fall underneath their vile grip and turn against the peace loving Aztecosaurs.

12. Add in some side quests to Xol Akmul, because there's none. I feel there should be some more side adventures, like many Zones have, and it should have a badge for completing them all. This should be done. Please do that someday.

13. A small QoL change, but the Cool Ranch Skyway theme that only plays in Arroyo Grande Skyway and Tumbleweed Skyway, have it play across Santo Pollo Skyway, Cooper's Roost Skyway, & Big Sky Skyway, because those skyways playing different land themes just doesn't really fit well. In addition, make a new haunted variant of said Skyway theme and have it play through Haunted Skyway. Please do so.

14. The battle against Haku from Skull Island's Flooded Tunnels & "What Lurks Beneath", it lacks a cinematic that shows Haku unleashing his powers to release the Aztecosaur Mummy, who really should have a name, by the way, when we defeat him. It's really lackluster if it doesn't have that in. Please do so.

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Ok, got some more thoughts before this post closes.

15. The main quest, "Hook, Line, and Sinker", it could be longer to have Hooktail give more tasks for us to do besides get his tail back. I could presume he would have us traverse to some more dangerous places to exact vengeance on his hated enemies & prove ourselves to him more, including Devilfish Hollow. Hope that gets done someday.

16. It may take a while, but I would like to see our companion power and training system receive an overhaul into a skill tree-like form, with paths branching many new powers to our companions, common, and unique, upgrades included. With the way they receive Powers, it may take a long time to even have some new abilities to them when they get more promotions. Please do so, one day.

17. Slightly change our pets' leveling to have their base health and power slightly increased when they level up. I would think they should be a little tougher & stronger when we bring them out to battle our enemies. Please do so.

18. Book 5 is the only Book in the P101 storyline that doesn't have a Puppet Show. I think you should add in a Puppet Show or 2, and they should center on Cool ranch's backstory & exposition about how the Red Sash Gang appeared, in that order. Please add those in.

19. More new bundles & housing gauntlets. Pirate101 is way due for new bundles. I even think there should be housing gauntlet bundles like W101 has. Please do so! P101 really needs those. Big time.

20. More new Skeleton Key bosses. With Krampus gone for now, it seems like a good time to add more in. I really like having them in P101. & maybe new hidden rooms that have Skeleton Key treasure chests holding bonus loot, even new treasures, kinda like how W101 does. Please do so. May need more secret challenges & hidden loot soon.

I know there are other requests they should do to those wondering(& I know a couple), but they could make time to implement some I've spoke about while we wait.

Thanks again, Professor Falmea!

Aug 02, 2009
This is absolutely disappointing. I see some posts that are begging for a story line update, and even some pirates are saying that we should be rewarded for our patience for the complete lack of content in the game we play? We PAY to play this game. We pay the same amount per month for a subscription to play this game as we do on Wizard101. But on Wizard101 there are 3 huge updates every year! Schedule Spring, Summer, and Fall. So far we get ONE maybe TWO updates with pirate per year (if you want to call them updates). And to any KI Dev that reads these posts. I know you have to see the begging from the fan base for ANY sort of communication on a REAL update to this game. Why ignore it? What is so hard about just being honest with your customers and COMMUNICATING with them. Please no more quality of life updates. I know there are limited resources and that Pirate101 doesn't have nearly the same amount of players on it in comparison to Wizard101. But maybe the lack of CONTENT in the game is the REASON we don't have more ships sailing in the sky. A good marketing strategy would be to HYPE the game and to communicate some sort of big update that you guys might be working on! I hate to get flustered over this topic, but once i read Falmea's post and saw that she was already bringing up more quality of life updates for this 3rd year without a story line update, I almost blew up. It's just frustrating to say the least.