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FrogFather Friday - A change in MB and AQ?

Jun 29, 2011
In MB, what I think is that Rooke needs a better drop rate for his gear.
For Aquila, Ophidian ships should be one level lower, because I had a hard time taking them out with my MB Galleon.

Petty Officer
Dec 28, 2012
I haven't really been to MB and AQ but in beachhead there can be a little less battling and do you not mind if Gracie Conrad talks a little less because she takes a bit away from the storyline Aquila is fine but it could use more taverns, because I like promoting unless it's really hard

hope to see you in the spiral romantic Nicholas jones
lev 40and if you see Anthony Eastman on pirate101 and if you're my friend it will be much appreciated.

Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2011
The Frogfather on Jun 28, 2013 wrote:
Buongiorno my Pirate friends! How everything with you these days?

It’s time for another “FrogFather Friday”, so let’s get comfortable for a moment and have a little chat yous and me. Yeah, go on, sit down, take a sword off – forgive, but that couch is 100% pure silk imported from Mooshu, it would displease the FrogFather should anything sharp visit the upholstery, capece?

So, is everyone enjoying the new Marleybone and Aquila content? I might have some business interests in those locations, and I’m wondering if you could fill me in a bit more on your recent impressions? (You know, I do impressions myself. You like Sinatra? “Bababoo, babyeeee…” unbelievable, right? Sounds just like him. You wanna hear my “Kermit”? Nah, that’s all right, maybe later.)

So then, you like this you like that, but if you could change one thing in each of Marleybone and Aquila, what would it be? (Personally, I’d add more frogs, liven up the joint a little, ya know what I mean? Can you see me in a toga? Ohhh, “Toad in a Toga”, froggeddabowdit!)

As always, I much appreciate your expert Pirate feedback and creative ideas, because ya never know when The Frogfather will call upon you to help sort out affairs in the Pirate world. It’s a big place, and I’m a big frog, but I couldn’t do it without yas and it means a lot to me and all my associates that you choose to sail with us throughout the Spiral. Hey, “Salud” – I raise my glass of Yum to you All, my friends.

Until next time, beloved Pirate Family of mine, I wish everyone a very safe and happy 4th of July holiday next week, and do a favor and say hello to your crew for me, alright? Otherwise, you know the drill: “Have many fantastic adventures, help one another when you can, and always, always show respect for the Spiral.”

Ciao for now Pirates!!!

- Your FrogFather
I wanna do big ben and katzenstein on pirate101

Nov 09, 2012
Hey Frogfather, I'm just now collecting the yellow windstone to go to Marleybone. I would like to change the Commander Davis battle in Port Regal's Fort Basset. Make it easy, but not too easy so players have a slight challenge. Right now, it is practically impossible to solo that fight. I was only able to do it with a friend. I was thinking that maybe there are no waves of redcoats, but there is still a commander Davis and a bunch of minions, because deviding the minions into 3 waves that you had to defeat all really wear you out and then in the 3rd wave, you lose. Thanks for your consideration!

Nov 11, 2011
Petty Officer
Sep 23, 2012
why can we go to mount Olympic

Oct 15, 2012
I know nothing is perfect not even this update so if i had to pick one is more puppet show's and extending the chapter in aquila.