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FrogFather Friday - Henchmen Thoughts?

Hello Pirates! Yes indeed, it’s me the FrogFather, and today is the first Friday of the month, so that means it’s FrogFather Friday! Can I get a ribbet? Can we jump around?? Can we throw Macaroni??? (Actually, don’t waste the Macaroni, it’s for my Fireflies Diavolo dish.)

My sincere gratitude for your feedback on Housing last month, yous gave me some great new ideas on how I might fix up the place – nothing like a Pirate’s touch, ya know, unless of course it’s from the end of a hook! Ohhh, see what I did there? Froggedabowdit.

Hopping right along then, friends of ours in the Spiral tell me there’s some new “Henchmen” in town of late, and I says to myself, “Self, what a frogtastic idea! Hiring Henchmen to provide some muscle to further one’s progress? I would’ve never thought of that!” (cough)

But enough about what I think, tell your BFF (Benevolent FrogFather) what YOU think:
- How do you like Henchmen?
- Who’s your favorite, and why?
- When’s the best time to use them in combat?

So that’s that with that. Maybe have a yourself a nice cold Yum and think on it a bit, and let all Pirates know how best to hustle with Henchmen muscle.

Once again, an absolute pleasure catching up with you, my Pirate Friends and I hope everyone is having wonderful adventures and treasure troves of fun across the skyways. Please remember to help one another when you can, and always, always, always respect the Spiral. Your FrogFather insists.

Ciao Time,


"Frogeddabowdit!" -The FrogFather (aka Jay Gordon, Piratical Producer)
Feb 27, 2011
What, you want a favor? Best consult Toady and the book of favors....LOL, I love the henchmen. Thinking of making Dee Forest a permanent part of my crew. (As long as the crowns hold out) Fortunately, I am a wealthy pirate! I order up a henchmen if it looks like it's going to be ugly, or if I have the let's say...less skilled crew members on deck, and we whale away at the bad guys.

Although I've been playing since the Alpha, I've only played two character types and using the henchmen is giving me a better idea of what the other character types can do. Never knew the privateer was such a handy pirate to have around.

As always, FrogFather, it's a pleasure doing business with you!

Jun 29, 2009
I like the henchman so far and can you do me a favor? or are you going to pass it off to one eyed jack...that requires me to do you a favor, so waht can i do for you?

silent samantha ashford

Sep 09, 2010
I like the swashbuckler , bunncaner and privateer ones.see you in the spiral

Jul 26, 2009
I love them! I was kinda bummed about the Buccaneer losing his Reckless Frenzy but in the end he is still a solid henchmen. As always the Privateer is very useful and the additional Battle Zeal can really help in a pinch.

Capt. Sam Laveer
Petnome Pirates

Gunner's Mate
Oct 11, 2012
Marvelous! I used a Swashbuckler henchman for the Hydra and he proved most useful. I love them and hopr they keep on doing what they do best.

Impish Omar Underwood

Aug 02, 2013
It appears the FrogFather is having some trouble getting feedback... so allow me to give you my thoughts!

My favorite henchmen have to be the Privateer and Swashbuckler ones... When I find myself with almost all my companions and myself in the early red, I call either one to the battle. It may seem strange not to call a privateer to heal me, but I often find the swashbuckler is the way to go to clear the battleboard quickly so I don't fail.

Personally, I think this was a very good idea of KI's part and I feel as though they will see more people buying crowns, especially since they're not like normal allies considering they're stronger for their level and we can control them. My only wish is to be able to control my pet. I feel like that would make people want to buy pets, too. But, I digress.

The henchmen were an excellent way to finish up Cool Ranch, because Miranda can be a pain in the poop deck, and anyone who's done it must know what I mean... the henchmen, however, really sped up the dungeon for me, so thank you, KI and One-Eyed Jack!

Brave Griffin Nightingale Level 38

Petty Officer
Jul 12, 2013
I would think they are very useful in times with their powers so far I have used the swashbuckler one and it is really helpful but I think that henchman should cost gold because you only use them for 1 fight only

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012