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Funniest Quotes

Jul 17, 2014
Can be from NPCS or Ratbeard and Bonnie fights, Mine are...

Ratbeard: Chips!? Back in Skull Island we call em' Polaris Fries
Bonnie: After all the sewers you bring us, you finally bring us to the beach, on a warzone.

Feel free to laugh!

<Tall Caleb Pace lvl 70>

Feb 11, 2010
Here are two of my favorites:

Louis: Och! The paste, she smells horrific! Are you sure my shell is not protection enough?

And when Hawkules was all excited to go back to Aquila, Bonnie is all:
"You get that, everybody? Yes, we are going to Aquila. I'm pretty sure Kane heard you, too. Well done!

Oct 26, 2013
Monkey king in general
The tower off moo Manchu comes to mind since I got max so long ago and haven't gotten my musket or buck to monkey king yet

Sep 17, 2012
I like when monkey king is calling out the floors in Sato's tower.