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Ideas to improve the game such as companion change

Jul 21, 2012
Ok now i know this may be a weird topic but i am curious to what people think companion wise might improve the game.
My idea personally is a non set companions name should be able to be changed (Ex: Toreador Norvellio)

Or a single companions colors to be changed instead of the whole crew.

And what would be amazing is a clothing changer for your companions where you can put thinks like spiked armor on Burgis Larato.

Sincerely Romantic Jonathan Dove

Jan 14, 2014
Some ideas I thought about recently, making companion colors not being stuck with flag colors and allow us to pick the colors we want for them.

Changing their clothes, add "skins" to crown shop that make them fit or look closer to the class you are, your class themed outfit.
For example, I'm a witchdoctor and I'd love to have Bonnie in a more, sinister, mysterious, sc scary looking outfit.
Her last promotion outfit fits for musketeers and privateers.

Feb 11, 2010
I like the idea of being able to change a randomized name certain companions get. My bison scout's name is STAR HAIR.