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Life Behind a Loading Screen: Let's make stories!

Gunner's Mate
Feb 06, 2018
Lookit Light on Oct 19, 2019 wrote:
Okay, okay! I'll continue!

Chapter 3.

The Silver Spur in Cooper's Roost was busy as usual. Most of the town residents, taking their noontime break from work, had come in for a good bite to eat. The blacksmith talked with the miller, the foreman was sharing a joke with Dr. Coop, and the pianist was playing a classic song for everyone present. That was the scene I came upon when I entered.

Almost instantly, a couple heads turned. Naturally, they would. I WAS the one who defeated Captain Blood. My reputation as a keeper of peace had grown legendary. But they didn't question my motives.

I turned to the spot where Desmond Argleston usually sat... and he wasn't there. I could almost hear Ratbeard behind me thinking; "Of course he isn't there! Naturally, when we need him to!"

I turned to the tavernkeep and asked "Excuse me, is Desmond in here today?"

"Oh, not today." he responded. "Everyone in a while he stays in his house to read books. If you need him, his house is outside of town; just keep going down the path by the silver mine, you can't miss it!"
Just several hours before this happened, Taryn had defeated the Queen Scorpion and had received a dusty note from Captain Blood. It was outdated for sure, Taryn thought.

"Well, Captain, anything?" asked Bonnie, who Taryn thought at times was the only sensible person in her crew.

"No." Taryn replied. "Just a note, from a guy named Captain Blood. And, obviously, he took the map piece!" Taryn was a cheerful, if not slightly awkward, teen who was skilled with the musket and loved the Skyways. Her thick brown hair was held back with a silver clasp inscribed with Aztecosaur runes. It had been from her mother.

"Oh dear," sighed Wing Chun. Taryn shot him a glare. He shrugged and glanced around, looking at the corpses of the scorpions.
"Well, what do we do now?" asked Ratbeard, lounging around, being exceptionally NOT helpful. "Hmph. Let's go talk to the chicken." Wing snorted. Taryn ignored them and walked out, sailing back to Cooper's Roost. When she was walking up to where Merryweather Clark was, she bumped into a boy. (Sorry, I don't know your character's name, Lookit Light)
This is where we cut off on Taryn and go to my buck, Evelyn.

Evelyn slipped through the door, holding her cutlass at the ready. It was noon, and Joey Karo wasn't there.

Petty Officer
Feb 06, 2018
well i was sailing then nanu nanu shouted "by pirates i'm shocked i've seen a manticore" "oh that's greats '' said me '' i've never saw one before '' said nanu nanu mad-ish at me 3 minutes i said '' look a minotaur ''

the end... i will be back *vanishes like something*

We've had to reject a couple of recent story posts, sorry all.

Feb 12, 2015
Bat Masterson on Oct 23, 2019 wrote:
We've had to reject a couple of recent story posts, sorry all.
I saw those, thank you for that. Everyone, I created this post to share fun, interesting stories, but please try to keep them child-friendly, okay?

Gunner's Mate
Feb 06, 2018
Bat Masterson on Oct 23, 2019 wrote:
We've had to reject a couple of recent story posts, sorry all.
Not to worry Bat! I accept you apology!

Oct 27, 2009
Calamity Finch walks into the Silver Spur with Black Will Tew. "Commodore, I was just over to the blacksmith's shop, like you asked. He's not there. His apprentice is manning the forge. The little chick's worried and in over his head. Hadn't seen his master for a week. No idea where he went." Black Will leaned close, "That isn't all. The stagecoach driver said others are missing, the tortilla maker in Santa Pollo for one."

Petty Officer
Oct 31, 2012
We find Napolequin starving and close to death in Polaris. The polar bears have moved in and cut off his transport ships. He is asking for support but our crew and I find as always he is insincere. But the bears want too start a cold war and an arms build up. The emperor of mooshu hires us..... next chapter. happy holidays