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Notice anything?

Jun 16, 2009
I noticed the gear (Shirts, shoes, hats) Are copies of the regular Mooshu. And its for people that are level 45-50.

Why's that? Its like Dragonsypre is for level 40-50s... But in Pirate101 Mooshu is for 40-50s?

Is Dragonspyre gonna be for 50-60s if it comes out into P101? Cause I want new worlds and new gear not copies.

Just my 2 cents


Mar 26, 2012
I know they need to make new stuff instead of recycled stuff, whenever I use the Monquista Stormgate I see Krokotopia, Dragonspyre, Valencia and some other world.I been to Mooshu in here by mistake (in Valencia right now) and it is sad that they used recycled music and clothing.but yes I agree, Dragonspyre could be the next one.

Sep 21, 2012
Dragonpyre most likely wont hold any major part in pirate101 if you have already done mooshu then you would have noticed that the one Armada general you see during your fight against General Tso he says he will be going to Marleybone next so that is probably gonna be where we go next also.

Dec 06, 2009
Well, first off, Mooshu is the ONLY world that is from Wizard101. Yes, there are elements from Wizard101, but they appear to be simply a little taste of continuity between the two games. If Dragonspyre makes an appearance in Pirate101, and I doubt it will, it will not be a major quest line.

Long before we see any duplicate worlds, we will see the additions of Aquila, Darkmoor, and Polaris.

I'll admit that seeing the same gear from Wizard101 was a bit of a let down, but let's be's one set of gear for one world and even the recycled bits have been updated in some regards.

Mar 26, 2012
You are true that it could be Aquila could be next, there are already so many storm gates if I am not mistaken of it.

P.S. They should move this thread, it is going off track to Mooshu.

Cass Underwood L17

Sep 20, 2009
Dragonspyre is briefly in p101, it's called avernus when you travel through it to valencia

Aug 27, 2011
I play with the game muted, so I wouldn't even notice the music being reused. However, if you think about it logically, reusing aspects of the other game probably cuts down on a lot of the development time. Would you prefer that it takes a lot longer for the game and game updates to come out? I think reusing assets from the other game is perfectly fine.

Aug 12, 2011
Well to be honest the next world will probably be the pirate version of Marleybone. In Mooshu-Hamamitsu Skyway there are 3 stormgates. 1 is Skull Island, 1 is Valencia and the last one is Marleybone. Now since they have the ship available in Mooshu for Marleybone and a stormgate all ready to go, make obvious sense that the next world will be Marleybone.

May 17, 2011
No. please no. Don't let the only game that has held my intrest this much for this long turn into wizard101 with a different combat system. I can't stand it when this happens over and over again.

-Dark Amber

Apr 14, 2012
Do you know with those more worlds to Pirate101? They can give you some map pieces for El Dorado.

May 07, 2011
CdeWinter on Oct 23, 2012 wrote:
Dragonspyre is briefly in p101, it's called avernus when you travel through it to valencia
You don't technically travel through Dragonspyre. Notice that you see the world of Dragonspyre as you travel through the Avernus Skyway. Also, I have noticed any of the clothing being the same. None of the boots in Mooshu gear looks like any I saw in W101, and the ninja stylistic top isn't armor plated like in W101, and who cares about the hood? All ninja hoods would look like that. Finally, I have never seen a samoorai hat with a mask on it in Mooshu in W101. So it's not that different. As for the music, who cares if it's the same? Lots of people really liked it in W101 and even used it in their homes. I did recognize the areas though because the scenery was the same, but it looked like they had added some things. It doesn't really matter though, it's just a blast from the past. With all the new worlds it's nice to relive the old ones in this new style.

Community Leader
Ive never seen any of my many pirates Skull Island, Cool Ranch, or Mooshu gear in wizards, ever. And i'd played Wizards for 4 years. Granted im no fashionista... but still have never seen these looks in Wizards. At least none of the ones I have ever selected in Pirate101, and I dont select ANYTHING for looks, in Pirate101 you select for stats.

As for other familiar references... I LOVE THEM!!!!

If I wanted an entirely different game I would have gone to an entirely different company. I like how KI games work, so here I am. Keep up the great work KI.

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