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Pirates in Wizard: Did It Really Happen? (spoiler)

Aug 15, 2013
Rachel Dreamsong on Oct 9, 2014 wrote:
I personally believe that everything that happens cannot be changed and the path if altered in anyway would always correct itself as that is what is suppose to happen in the first place.
For example, if El Toro was destined to eat a yum cake (That sounds yummy :O ) tomorrow then after any and all decisions he will eat the yum cake.

Timetraveling puts you in the point that your present (as in you, not the version of you that exists in that timeline if one does) at a point it was destined to be at. So the B.O.X.E.S. event actually did in fact save our or someone else's pirate which already happened timewise.
Wouldn't it be cool that, if you ate a Yum Cake, it increases your max health by 200?!
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